Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 11

Their bales are used every year to create a rustic perimeter within the oak grove of Linfield College for the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration in July, which brings together dozens of producers of Oregon’s favorite grape varietal from as far off as France, New Zealand and Chile to mingle and sample wines over a long, food-and-drink-filled weekend. this area and now operates two Golden Valley Brewery restaurants, in McMinnville and Beaverton. When not overseeing the restaurant business, Peter is busy raising beef cattle on his farm and growing hundreds of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and onions, all of which supply the restaurants. They are people like Emily Howard, who returned to her native McMinnville to open the acclaimed Thistle restaurant that refocused attention on sourcing local food products and developing close relationships with area farmers. Bill Stoller grew up on a turkey farm outside of Lafayette, left to make his fortune by opening a string of employment agencies, and then came back to make fine wine at what is now Stoller Family Estate, and invest in the revitalization of downtown Dayton, with a food-enterprise center as the hub of the renovation. Ask a local to name his or her favorite farm They are small farmers who lovingly tend their patches of vegetables and orchards of peaches, apples, pears, strawberries and hazelnuts, and sell them at roadside stands and summer Farmers Markets. They are people like Peter Kircher, a Midwesterner who fell in love with siting, and they will rattle off a quick list: The red clover fields on the back road between McMinnville and Carlton that turn bright red in the spring. The alpacas outside of Amity. The sight of white cows grazing on endless fields between Lafayette and Dundee, and the cheerful tasting rooms of Carlton. And not least of all, a basket of fresh produce from a local farm arriving in your home, and providing the sustenance for your own friends and family. -- Jim Gullo Photos: Top Left, IPNC Salmon Bake, Botton Left, Apples on a Branch. Center Right, Helicopter view Yamhill Valley Farmland. All photos courtesy of Charles Hillestad