XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 3 Issue 4 - Page 10

La Couleur Rouge Photography -Fidel Gonzalez with @lookartits Makeup - Fidel Gonzalez with @photogenicsarmy Model - Nicole Castillo with @ntamodels Micellar water @embryolisseusa Lip scrub @maccosmetics O2 @twinmedix Lip moisturizer @drpawpawusa Must dew @limelifebyalcone Glass palette @scottbarnes68 Mixing spatula @cinemasecretspro Foundation @sennacosmetics Brows using prosaid cream Gleam by @gleam_melaniemills used outside face in opalescent Setting powder @kettcosmetics Contour creams @kettcosmetics Blush palette using @cozzettebeauty Eye lids and Lips using color fix @danessa_myricks Clear glaze of eyelids @danessa_myricks Vision cream used on top of senna cosmetic in N1 @danessa_myricks Lip glass @maccosmetics on lips Setting spray and post recovery spray used for hydration and setting @skindinavia Cotton swabs, powder puff @musebeautypro Beauty sponge @beautyblender MUA brushes @bdelliumtools @cozzettebeauty @smithcosmetics @sennacosmetics @stilazzi Makeup light @glamcorofficial Nails @chinaglazeofficial . Shot with @canonusa 5Ds 85mm f/1.2 @canonusa Strobes @henselus Demi beauty dish @mola_softlights Grey Backdrop @savageuniversal