XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 3 Issue 2 - Page 8

What XiOX Magazine Is All About Hello every one, I like to introduce my self and thank everyone, who has supported me in making this magazine come to life. Its been in the works and finally decided to give it a go. My name is Fidel Gonzalez, my vision of this magazine is to share the beauty of the entire world with you. For thoses who dont know me, Im a makeup artist turned photographer. I want to give everyone out there hope that you can do anything that your heart desires, all you have to do is believe that you can do it, dont let anyone discourage you. Im not the worlds best speller, I’ve been made fun of and ridiculed for it, from strangers who instead of saying something positive, or maybe handing out an extra hand, to help out. Instead they felt the need, to go out there way to say something negative,but they didn’t stop there. They pro- ceded to shared my post on social media, and made fun of me. Calling me iliterate and a fraud, telling others in chat group that i was a scam artist, and couldnt be trusted. You would think this would be from the minds of children, but no these were professionals in our industry, his age was 55 years old and the make up artist 45. They both had such a great time teasing me. This was due to a mispelled word in a give away I was doing. I had bought more product than I needed and thought why not give it away, little did I know I was the entertainment, in a chat full of adults over the age of 28. I thought, how sad it was they had to make fun of me to make themselves feel better. I have thick skin so I con- fronted them both by private message they ignored me, so I proceeded to Join in on their festivities, and share that post on my site, to bring awarenes on bullying. I commented on post and said you find great humor in making fun of others, yes I suck at spelling but so what, I also told them, I have done many wonderful things and accomplished great things in my life that spelling didnt have anything to do with it. Talents come in many ways. They questioned what have I done, I said well for starters I own a extermination/construction company that I started with my partner that is going strong, been in business 18 years. I have 13 world tittles in The American Paint Horse Association. I didnt just win the championships but I decided to do all training, and create a sucs- sessful horse breeding program. Based on horse genetics and pedigree and nutition. Not even knowing anything about horses, when I started to building a great reputation with my competitors. I tought my self horse nutition, how to care for them properly, even some veterenary care. I also tought my self how to collect stallions and artifialialy inseminate mares, I learned foal development, Equine reproduction, That is a sci- ence in its own. How I got started in showing horses. Was I had bought a mare in foal, when that baby foal was born against every one saying to geld him, due to his color patern being so discrative, That it would be hard to win with him. Against the odds I showed that foal up and down the states winning every where I took him. I took California state champion with him, won multiple money futurities. All this as a yearling. I Took 3rd in the world show my first year out of 30 horses in theshow ring. I competed with some of the wealthiest people in the world. I came home and decided I wanted to win the world just once. I put hard work, dedication I started training my own horses, I bred my stallion to my show mares and I raised world champions and multiple futurity champi- ons. I came back to compete once again in the world show in Fortwoth Texas with my two horses, I won with both, I contin- ued to come back and win more tittles. I was competing with competetors who would just go buy horses that were winning, unlike my partner and I who started everything from raising the stalion to breeding him and foaling out world champions. Had the honor in Jerry Wells Showing my horses at the world show. This man is The Hall Of Fame in Quarter Horse. We became great friends, He told me I was doing great work with my horses. I finally retired from the horses to persue my passion for makeup artistry and photography, I have worked with some of the most tallented and famous artist in the world, been hired by fashion magazines, worked with celebrities, I also helped others along the way. I said its people like you who make me stronger every time. Your negativity blinds you on how beautiful this world could be, by just helping others. I was so bothered by that, not for my feelings, but for oth- ers who might not have the tuff skin I have. At that point the Idea of this Magazine started in my head, as a tool to inpire and create and show case beautiful art. Im here to tell you that if you put your mind to something and help others along the way, great things start to happen. Nothing is perfect, we see peoples lives on social media on T.V and think they live a happy and perfect life. Its not true, every one starts off the same way, the thing is you dont see the hard ships, or the strees, lack of sleep, long hours, free work you have to do to get ahead. You only see the sucsess , every thing you do in life is a strugle and a fight. Back when the market crashed, my partner and I lost everything we owned, our two homes and my mothers house we were paying for, we had to hide our car from the banks under fake trash bags so they wouldnt repo it. We kept each other strong and continues to move forward not letting this stop us from our dreams, besides all these things we just materialistic. We had each other. We kept work- ing paying our payments late on our car, and when we could make the payments we had to just hide our car till we did. Im not assamed that I lost everything, I honestly didnt care I had my love ones. We finaly lost our home that had 2 houses on it. On my birthday we had to be out the house, We kept faith and one day before my Birthday we found a property for lease and moving out my house and moving in the new one. I still had my horses as well, and my parents. We started up a cleaning company to pick up the slack with our construction company, that we still own till this day. We started to pick up on business even with the market down, we found a way to make a good living. I was able to support my family, and continue with the goals I had. Wining the world titles 2 years after that. I have Dyslexia and suck at spelling, I’m also tone deaf on top of that lol so what, I lost everything I owned before and had to build it all up again, its life. Im here to tell you, dont let anyone tell you diffrent, dont be affraid to do what you dream of, just do it. Surround your self with creative positive people, and help others along the way as someone possibly helped you. I have noticed that many in our same industry dont help others, in the fear they might lose a job or client, its called insecurity and if you lose them they were never yours to keep. Be confident not conceited,lend out a helping hand when your able to help someone in need. This world is a big place we should all learn to share its furtunes. My vision for this magazine, being the CEO with my partner was to share the beauty of the artists of the world. I also wanted to help new inspiring artists with a photoshoot provided by me. To help kick start their portfolio, its a catch 22,how do you get good work? If many industry artists want to see a strong book to begin with. Its hard for the new artist as they have to do so much bad work, to try to land great work. We will be holding contests to artists and win- ner will win a photoshoot and be published in our pages. So please help spread the word out, and help support this magazine and each other. I want to thank all the cosmetic brands and amazing Artists and everyone who has contributed to XiOX. I know there will be spelling errors in my magazine, but guess what I’m human and I dont care im going to do this and not have any one correct my spelling errors. In hopes that I can make a diffrence in some one life, maybe even inspire them. Any one discuraged or feel they cant do something beacuse of a disability or learning disorder. Im here to say anything is posible if you put all your hard work and believe in your self. If people around you are not supportive, then get them out your life, find people who will be apart of you. For who you are and not for what every one else wants you to be. I know many will look at me like im crazy for doing this and I will get rediculed, Its ok, I will continue on this jouney, to change the world.This is how this magazine will be diffrent from others. This magazine is raw, I dont plan on changing my self, or this magazine for others. It will have spelling mistakes if I made them, its who I am, im no difrent from others, Just unique! LOL The strugle is real guys, This magazine has taken alot of my time and I have spent my hard earned money on this magazine. Im no writer and never had schooling to do this, im not perfect, but who is? We all have faults, its how we believe in ourselves that matters. They are not faults, its what makes every- one diffrent. The world would be such a boring place if we were all the same. I hope you enjoy this magazine and keep the support. The sleep- less nights the long drives that my partnerand Ive had done, to bring this to life. It’s so worth it, put things out in the universe and beleive in your self.You have nothing to lose, but only to gain. I want to thank my family and loved ones, friends who believed in me to bring XiOX to life. I like to thank each and everyone of you, from the bottom of my heart. Keep Xioxing, Fidel Gonzalez CEO Fidel Gonzalez #itsafidelthing Instagram @xxfidelxx www.fidelgonzalezphotography.com www.fidelgonzalezmakeup.com The Words I live by “I’m not going to compromise my artistic integrity.” -Madonna-