XIOX MAGAZINE volume 3 issue 1 - Page 50

Cow Girl UP photography - fidel gonzalez @xxfidelxx with @lookartist makeup - fidel gonzalez @xxfidelxxmakeup with @photogenicsarmy fashion styling - fidel gonzalez @xxfidelxx nails - fidel gonzalez @xxfidelxx hair - barbara lemelza @barbaralamelzamakeup set manager - joshua mcintyre @mcintyremanagement model - jessica forrester @jessicaforrester with industry model management hat - stetson dress - Baruni @baruni_fashion earrings -Kat Ong @katongers left hand ring - Kat Ong @katongers right hand ring - Benitez Jewelry @girlie_benitez lether belt and silver buckle - apha