XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 8

Hidden Gems By Erika Lee Falling into Color Autumn has arrived and with the arrival of a new season we are welcomed by brilliant colors and scents of wood fires and chestnuts. We drive down tree-lined streets and the vibrant colors are everywhere. Reds, yellows, greens, and oranges become a sanctuary of beauty as we walk below in Autumn bliss. Many believe fall is the time to put color away, but I say let’s play with unexpected pops of color. If you find yourself cautious, then become inspired and brave by the Runways of our fall Fashion Weeks from around the world. great ‘out all day’ kind of look. Simply dab a deep crimson onto your lips with your fingertips and let dry. The makeup team at Giambattista Valli took this look a little further by applying a clear gloss on the top of dark red stained lips. Matte lips were also big on the catwalk – especially at Aquilano E Rimondi where models bared all with just foundation, natural brows but a merlot matte lip. Super simple but packs a punch…perfect for those hellish Monday morning starts. http://www.narscosmetics.com/ $26.00 Source: beautypress.com Glitter Hacks that are Borderline Genius Vivienne Westwood Show / Key Artist: Val Garland La Perla Show Key Artist Erin Parson NOMAD Cosmetics I come across a new or lesser known brand, I am so excited to find what they have to offer and Nomad, had me with their mission statement alone and then locked me in with their fair pricepoints and pigmented products. With Nomad Cosmetics, we have started with the latest in high quality makeup products and premium formulas. However, this brand is about so much more than just amazing products - it is about capturing a story, a destination, an expe- rience. We want to inspire women with beauty from all corners of the world, and let them discover the essence of different destinations and become true Beauty Nomads. We aim to connect with our consumers’ core belief that experiences, not things, are most important. Hence we have created a brand in Nomad Cosmetics that is truly authentic and has a strong sense of place. It all starts with beauty looks and formula benefits that reflect the destinations’ unique qualities, continues with shades inspired by local characteristics and unique landmarks, and ends with names and quotes written in the local languages. In addition, Nomad Cosmetics will be giving back a percentage of profits and working with a local charity at each locale in order to support these destinations that have inspired us. Nomad launched with a collection of 4 beauty palettes, each of which takes inspi- ration from a captivating destination around the world and includes a specially designed set of makeup products that enable women to recreate the complete or individual aspects of the beauty look discovered in that destination. All Nomad Cosmetics products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals, and free of parabens and phthalates Purchase https://nomadcosmetics.com/ $12.00 per shadow Customizable palettes or purchase creations already to go. NARS Unlaced Velvet Lip Glide Red is the New Black RED alert! This punchy shade is dominating F/W 2017 and into spring 2018 – from bold lips to striking shadows, here’s how to get the most of out of this season’s top color… Something different If you’re looking for a change from the traditional bold red lip then why not shake things up a little? Try applying a neon orange or coral to top lips and a cherry red on the bottom. Then coat your lips with coordinating glosses for high-shine, vinyl effect. Another option is to play with other products – lip and cheek stains give a different texture to normal lipstick and make for a Glitter is HOT right now, and we wanna nail the look without getting our eye- lashes in a twist! beautypress hows you how to get your glitter on point so you can master the social slay… Design Queen Glitter can something be tricky to use – but thankfully glitter kits have come to our rescue! Most of them come with stencils, applicators and glue so that you can create new designs with ease – winning! You can also create your own glitter stamps out of makeup sponges – cut the design you would like out of the sponge and use it to press on perfectly. Pout it out The trick is to combine your favourite matte lipstick with a glitter glaze – really, it’s that easy! For a long lasting result, apply a lip liner followed by the matte lip color of your choice. Then, slick on a sparkly lip gloss in the same or, if you’re feeling cheeky, apply a contrasting glitter color. Alternatively, pat on your conventional glitter combined with a lip sealer to make it stay. Body Beautiful Turning your finishing spray into a glow spray is a savvy way to shimmer! Simply pour a liberal amount of fine powder, highli \܈[[Y\[[\[\[œ^H[ZH]\H]ݙ\^H\X\8$XK\ۙH[Y Y[x&\B][YJK]Z\ Xۙ[XH[8$X\BZH]ٙBۙHX\ۈ]X[H][HٙH\[]\\][]][ٙYܙHY \Z\H\HXX\[H[[ݙHH\H] B][[\ێXH\XH][\H[[ݙH[و]]]][][ݙ\[\[°[\H[[X[\[ۈY\H]^HH\۸&]\HܛX[XZ]\[[ݙ\8$][XX[HXZH]X][[ܙHB˚ZY]X˘K[]\XZK]\ ^Y\^Y\Y]\SKB RL L ޛB L L\NX]]\\˘