XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 16

What were some of the most important life lessons you learned during this period of your life? I learned many things; every day I’m learning a life lesson! But one thing I did learn is that there are lessons in every- thing you do! And the answers are never too far away, if you just slow down and enjoy all of Gods little creations, re- spect yourself and your limits then the world can be held in your hand, as big as it is, you can control your world. What would you change about the industry? There are too many things I would change to list here, also It isn’t like it is gonna happen tomorrow, so I’ll save a breath. What would you like to leave us with today as your golden piece of career and personal life advice? Take care of those that love you, never take them for granted because your going to need them one day! Teach your kids to love family and animals and stop all this jealous shit… there is waaay too much money for all of us to share… But after me, of course!!! Naw, I’m jus playin’….. Big Kiss Thank you so much for your time!