XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 82

“Patricia Hartmann” A Journey Down the Runway By Erika Lee Patricia Hartmann became a familiar face on the Runways of Paris, New York and Milan, walking for the fashion world’s top designers -Versace, Valentino, YSL, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and many more. The transforming artistry in the makeup chair captured Patricia’s heart and imagination as she worked with the world’s elite makeup artists and those experiences continue to inspire her today Despite her success in the world of fashion and beauty, Patricia always main- tained her modest disposition and girl next door allure. She decided to leave the glamorous world of modeling behind and start a family. Now that her family is grown, Patricia is back in the forefront with an in- novative cosmetic line by the name of “Runway Rogue.” Sensing a need for high performance makeup that really looks and feels great and also carries a message of inspiration she launched her line, “Runway Rogue.”. Join us on her journey and check out RunwayRoguebeauty.com Tell me about your journey to becoming one of the great supermodels of the 90s? smaller runways and then work their way up, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when Karl took a chance on me. I booked the show the day I met Karl Lagerfeld and I since I had never been on a runway before, I had an emer- gency session with Miss J. a catwalk coach in Paris [from America’s Next Top Model]. I almost fainted when the lights went on and I downed two glasses of champagne to muster up some liquid courage! I am forever thankful to God, that I did not stumble! It took a few shows, but I got used to it, and ended up loving being on the catwalk! What was your favorite part of modeling? A: Ha! The makeup of course! Most models just sat in the chair, distractedly talking about anything and everything but not me! I paid close attention to every tool, every trick and realized that makeup is something that can be used in so many different ways. It is a tool that can do simple enhancing of natural beauty and also develop incredible creative expression thru color and tech- niques. I was one of the few models who actually didn’t wash their face before leaving the studio. I loved makeup and would choose to keep it on and enjoy it throughout dinner and the evening, which Fidel can attest to. I loved Fidel’s makeup artistry so much that I didn’t take it off until I went to bed! My brand, “Runway Rogue” cosmetics was inspired by those early experiences and my interactions with the artist I worked with. A: My big break happened when Karl Lagerfeld cast me for his Chanel show. I was an unknown model in Paris, just getting started. I went on an audition for the show and the line of models was all the way out into the street. It was an open call, therefore, none of us were scheduled to see Karl himself. We were allotted 30 seconds to show our ability on the catwalk (I had no clue) and that How many covers have you graced? was that. We were to meet the casting person, show our walk and leave our comp card. Done and done. When I was about to walk out the door the casting I was truly blessed with a wonderful career. I’ve had about 50 major maga- person asked me to wait and explained that she wanted me to meet Karl. zine covers and much lesser known ones. I probably had the most covers on ELLE and MARIE CLAIRE, then VOGUE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, ALLURE. I was so nervous, but when I introduced myself something amazing hap- Of course, this was before the internet, so my mom would make weekly trips pened. We started speaking German (our native language) and he told me that to the train station in Munich and Germany, where they had an international he loved discovering fresh new faces, but that my “plain haircut” had to go! magazine shop. My mother was known on a first name basis because she was Right then and there he consulted with Yannick D’Is, who designed my hair there so often. in an unexpected new look for the show. I was given a very short haircut right on the spot, and Karl booked me for the Chanel show. The short ‘Twiggy” cut What was your absolute favorite thing about the industry? became my signature, and after that show I booked every major fashion show that season. As the hair was sheared off, my career took off! A: The artistry overall! The creativity of designers, hair, makeup, the models and anything that was part of the artistic process. The pride that people took How was it to work with Makeup Artist greats like Kevyn Aucoin and Laura in their work and the often humble beginnings of so many artists until that Mercier? very special day when ѡѥЁ݅́ɕ镐ٕѡхل)ѥѡͼ͕ٕѥ́ٔͼՍȁѡȁͥЁ́Ք)$݅́Ս䁕՝ѼݽɬݥѠͽѡЁѡ)ѡݕаѕ́ѡЁ́ѼͼՍиQЁݡ)ݽɭݥѠѥ́-币Ս1Ʉ5ɍȁԁݽȁ׊eٕȁɥٔ́Յ䁙ݕѡЁݡ)ٔݥѠѡɅ͙ɵѥQݕɔѠͽѕ䁅贁܁ԁٔɥٕ$ٔѡЁٕѡݕѡЁ́ѡ)Ёٕ䁑ɕЁ屔)ѡ)-币ٕѼɅ͙ɴ̰ݡɕ́1ɄݽձȁɅ)䁅ɕ́Ѽͽєəѥ-币х䁕́Ѽ)ѡɔеձȁ͡Ѽ5ɥ币5ɽe)͡ݥѡЁٕЁȁ͔ѡ͔)饹䁉́́丁-币ͼɕѕ䁡)1Ʉ́ͽєəѥЁݡ݅́͡ԁձ͔)啱͠ЁݽձəиḾͥ䁄յɕѽՍ)ȁɔѡѼٕ́х)!܁ݕɔԁ͍ٕɕ)$݅̀܁啅́ͥѥ䁡ѽݸ5չɵ)ݡݹ䁅ɽͭ$ٕ)ѡ՝ЁMٔȁͥ́ɐ$፥ѕ䁅ͭ)ɕ́$ձхͽѕЁѽ̰ѡ̸ͅЁѕ)є5MЁɽ䁥Aɥ́ͭ$ݽձѼ)յȁѡɔѼ͕ݡЁݔձ$́ͅݡ$݅)͕Ѽ؁ݕ́Aɥ̰$٥ѡɔȀ؁啅̄$Օ)ԁձͅ䰁ЁݕЁɕݕ)]Ё݅́ȁЁIչ݅͡܁͍ɥ܁ԁЁѡЁѥ)ѕѼչ݅)5䁙Ё͡܁݅́ѡ ͡܁ݡЁ́хЁЁ)]Ё݅́ѡ͍ɥЁЁȁɕȁݡ)=͍䁵Ё݅́ݡ$хѕQXɍ́ݥѠ)̸́͠Ё䁙ЁՅѡ՝$Ёݕ$݅)ѥݡ$݅́ͽչхݥѠչɕ́ɽչ)ݥѠͽєեиQ́́ѡЁЁѡ݅$Ё͕Ѽ)她Ё͕)e׊eٔݽɭݥѠͼѽɅ́ѡЁ$ɥ́ԁɕٕ)䁅٥ѡЁѕȁɕȸ)Qɔ́٥$ѕѽѼи$݅́х՝ЁɱѼ+q܁ȁϊtѡѡȁ̃q܁ȁѥͽɍt!ݕٕȰ)ѡѡ́݅́Ёɥȁ͔ݔeЁхɕ͕ٕ́)ݥѠٕ́ԁ͕́ݔeЁ͕ݡЁ݅̃qѡtɥ)ѕȁ͡Ё͔ݔ͡ЁQѡݔձѥ锁݅́)ɽݡ́܁ݔѡѥٕɅ$)͕ѼՑѡ͔ɽ́$ݽձѼɔЁݡЁݽɭ)ݡЁeЁݽɬݡ丁]ݥȁ́ȁѥ)ɕ䁥хаЁٕȁ́ԁ͡ձѕѽɅȁ܁Ѽ)ѡȁIЁȁѡѽɅȁ́ѥ䁥ٕ́䁥хи)%Ё́хЁȁѼչх܁ѼЁѥ锁ѡѽ́Ёѡ)ͅQ̸́܁ȁѥͽɍȁ