XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 78

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 1- 24X Beard Oil Samplers by The Bearded Man Not sure witch The Bearded Man Beard Oil scent you’d like to go with? Well now they have fixed that problem with these 2ml sample bottles. we love all the scents and its a great gift Idea. Each 2ml Sample bottle is good for about eight applications and each one comes in a little clear glass vial with a screw top lid. Making them great for travelling and a fantastic way to sample our twenty four different scents. www.thebeardedmancompany.com 2- Beard Oil, Solve Razor, Black Razor Chain by The Gentlemenz Club These menz products are a Canadian brand, all of their products are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals or GMO of any kind. With each order you will recieve a business card with the owners direct number in case of any questions or concerns 24 hours a day 7 days a week. now thats customer service at its best. This is a great products also great gift ideas Ladies ;-) www.thegentlemenzclub.com 3- Beard Wax By Saint Breard YOU WANT SHAPE? I SAID ‘YOU WANT SHAPE’?? YOU GOT SHAPE! Presenting the Saint’s Legendary wax, so that you can st 屔ȁɐ݅݅ԁ݅и)-䁙ɕ) х́MѕȰ ѕȁ)=9Ʌ ɐ]) х́ɝ=QQɕ=ݡɅѕ́͵ѡ́)=Aɔ9Ʌ%ɕ9< Ʌ̰9