XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 5

This world is a big place we should all learn to share its furtunes. My vision for this magazine, being the CEO with my partner was to share the beauty of the artists of the world. I also wanted to help new inspiring artists with a photoshoot provided by me. To help kick start their portfolio, its a catch 22,how do you get good work? If many industry artists want to see a strong book to begin with. Its hard for the new artist as they have to do so much bad work, to try to land great work. We will be holding contests to artists and win- ner will win a photoshoot and be published in our pages. So please help spread the word out, and help support this magazine and each other. I want to thank all the cosmetic brands and amazing Artists and everyone who has contributed to XiOX. I know there will be spelling errors in my magazine, but guess what I’m human and I dont care im going to do this and not have any one correct my spelling errors. In hopes that I can make a diffrence in some one life, maybe even inspire them. Any one discuraged or feel they cant do something beacuse of a disability or learning disorder. Im here to say anything is posible if you put all your hard work and believe in your self. If people around you are not supportive, then get them out your life, find people who will be apart of you. For who you are and not for what every one else wants you to be. I know many will look at me like im crazy for doing this and I will get rediculed, Its ok, I will continue on this jouney, to change the world.This is how this magazine will be diffrent from others. This magazine is raw, I dont plan on changing my self, or this magazine for others. It will have spelling mistakes if I made them, its who I am, im no difrent from others, Just unique! LOL The strugle is real guys, This magazine has taken alot of my time and I have spent my hard earned money on this magazine. Im no writer and never had schooling to do this, im not perfect, but who is? We all have faults, its how we believe in ourselves that matters. They are not faults, its what makes every- one diffrent. The world would be such a boring place if we were all the same. I hope you enjoy this magazine and keep the support. The sleep- less nights the long drives that my partnerand Ive had done, to bring this to life. It’s so worth it, put things out in the universe and beleive in your self.You have nothing to lose, but only to gain. I want to thank my family and loved ones, friends who believed in me to bring XiOX to life. I like to thank each and everyone of you, from the bottom of my heart. Keep Xioxing, Fidel Gonzalez CEO Fidel Gonzalez #itsafidelthing Instagram @xxfidelxx www.fidelgonzalezphotography.com www.fidelgonzalezmake