XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 12 - Page 9

This world is a big place we should all learn to share its furtunes. My vision for this magazine, being the CEO with my partner was to share the beauty of the artists of the world. I also wanted to help new inspiring artists with a photoshoot provided by me. To help kick start their portfolio, its a catch 22,how do you get good work? If many industry artists want to see a strong book to begin with. Its hard for the new artist as they have to do so much bad work, to try to land great work. We will be holding contests to artists and win- ner will win a photoshoot and be published in our pages. So please help spread the word out, and help support this magazine and each other. I want to thank all the cosmetic brands and amazing Artists and everyone who has contributed to XiOX. I know there will be spelling errors in my magazine, but guess what I’m human and I dont care im going to do this and not have any one correct my spelling errors. In hopes that I can make a diffrence i YHۙBYKX^XH][[\H[K[HۙH\\YY܈Y[^H[Y][XX\HوH\X[]H܈X\[\ܙ\[H\B^H[][\XHY[H][[\\ܚ[[Y]B[[\[Y[H\[[H\H\ܝ]K[][B][\YK[[H[H\\و[K܈[H\B[܈]]\HۙH[H[[HKHۛX[H[]YHZH[Hܘ^H܈[\[H[]YX[Y ]H[۝[YHۈ\[^K[HHܛ \\\›XY^[H[HY[H\ˈ\XY^[H\]H۝[ۈ[[^H[܈\XY^[H܈\ˈ][]B[[Z\Z\YHXYH[K]H[K[HY[B\\[\]YHHHYH\X[^\\XY^[B\Z[[و^H[YH[H]H[^H\X\Y[ۙ^Bۈ\XY^[K[Hܚ]\[]\Y[\[H\X ]\H[]H][]H[Y]H[\[\]X]\ˈ^H\H][]]XZ\]\KBۙHY[ Hܛ[HXHܚ[XHYH\H[H[YKHH[H[H\XY^[H[Y\H\ܝ HY\ B\YHۙ]\]^H\\[]HYۙK˜[\YK]8&\ܝ] ][][H[]\H[[Z]H[[\[[H]H[K]ۛHZ[B[[^H[Z[H[ݙYۙ\Y[[Y]Y[YH[SYKHZH[XX[]\[ۙHو[KHHHو^HX\ Y\[[Y[۞[^SY[۞[^]YY[[’[Yܘ[HY[˙Y[۞[^ܘ\KB˙Y[۞[^XZ]\ BHܙH]HB'x&[H[\Z\H^H\\X[Yܚ]K'BSXYۛK