XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 2 Issue 10 - Page 62

How old were you when you began modeling?  I began modeling at the age of eighteen. How were you first discovered? I was discovered by an Italian agency who was scouting for models in Venezuela. What were the hardest obstacles in your career? When I was coming up as a model, being Spanish was mashed together with all other minorities. This certainly made it incredibly competitive for me but it was also great incentive and I just worked harder, which made all the differ- ence in the world. Did you dream of becoming a super model? No, it wasn’t something that was even on my radar. It wasn’t an opportunity that would have seemed realistic when I was growing up. What was your most memorable situation in your career?  While I was walking on 17th street in NYC a young girl told me I had truly changed her life! Because I had become a model, it opened her eyes to seeing other girls that looked like her on the pages of magazines and it was life changing. Did your family support your modeling career?  Before that, she didn’t see anyone who resembled her on a They did not support me in the beginning but that is because cover and at this moment, I understood the importance of this journey just seemed so unknown and impossible. They where I was in my journey and why it mattered much more eventually came around and started to support me. then what was seen on the surface. What was your pathway to becoming a 90s supermodel? My path began very slowly and it was most definitely a walk vs. a run. I began with magazines, catalogues and then was finally noticed by some designers and shows. My big break came with Karl Lagerfeld when he gave me a shot in Paris. What was your favorite part of modeling? I was able to take my dance background and bring it into modeling in the way I moved my body. Everyone has some- thing that makes him or her stand out and that was my thing, which photographers loved. What was your least favorite part of modeling?  I really missed my loved ones because I was traveling so much. Often in the entertainment industry, we work with teams of what we call “creatives”. Did you find your creative family on set? I found an amazing team when I shot a movie with, by the name of “The Jaguar”, which was a French film in Venezuela. This group became my biggest influence creatively through- out my career.    How many covers have you graced and what one most stands out to you and why?   Oh, wow! I have done so many. I guess my very first one that stands out was a magazine in Europe, which I booked with Ford Models.  What was your absolute favorite thing about the overall in- dustry? What was your scariest moment in your career? Well, with regards to modeling, I liked the independence of Wow! I had a very scary moment when traveling to a very it and the level of information your given. When it came to conservative Muslim country! Then man thought I was Arab acting, it was all about the process of it all. and he just took me. Fortunately, I had a witness to the kid- napping and they reported it to my team and thankfully they What campaigns were you most excited by? did what they had to do and they were able to find me and to I loved Covergirl! This campaign was the first time they get me back. Due to todays, political climate, I think it is im- hired a Latina girl for a main stream campaign and this was portant to clarify that I love Muslims I understand this was meaningful to me but what made it most important was that one man who wanted to harm me and that is all. it allowed other woman, all over the world who looked like me, to see th [\[\[HY\[]K\[\ZYۈ\Y]\YHZHY\[H[]^HH[[[܈H\Hۙ[YH[]\[H[\ܝ[\KBH]\X[H[Y]^H[H[[[[][]][]K\]X\H\Yˈ0x&[Hܚ[]XۚX\“[[PK X[HوH\\[[و][YB]Y[H[[[[[˜\Hܚ[]XۚXˈ[H\H[HZH[Z[KB[\HX[HY[[ܚY\^\Y[\[H]ۙ\KH۸&][x&]HY[[[YH[H[Bܚۈ]ڙXܙX][]Y[[ܚY\ˈXۚX\B[H\YY[^\[XZ[ܘ]Y[B[\XY[H[H[HݙHܚ[][H[Yx&\Hܚ[H[[YH]]\[YY]\]Y[Y[Hܚ]ۈ[\\[^Hš\\Y[ˈH[ݙHܚ[]XۚX˂[][[[ۜ\H[[Y[H\[B\Y]ۈH][]\^]Y\[\\Y\][YH]\[YH\\ۜ H\[[[]BX[\H[][ۈ܈[O˜[&]][[Y]H]H\\وX[[\ܝ[[[[[\۸&]^HXZ[\H\YXZ[œ[\\˰[ݚY\XH[YY[HX[\H\H]\[[][ۈ܈YHHHY \Y[Z[HZ[\˂X\Z]NX\[[]ܜBX\\]Y[\]Y[ۘ]\B[\[X\][\H\΂ۙۂۙۗ[ٙ[YB]]H[Y\X[X\[΂\H][YB][HBܚX[HXX[ۙ\[Xڙ][