XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 1 Issue 6 - Page 38

MANNEQUIN Photographer: Danessa Myricks Makeup: Danessa Myricks Hair: Janel Sealy Smith Model: Mearg Tareke Skin: Embrolyse Lait Creme Cozzette Infinite Makeup AJ Crimson Beauty Neutral Set Powder Glow Danessa Myricks Beauty Enlight Illuminators “Attraction” and Desire (Applied to face and Body) Brow Benefit Cosmetics 3D Browtones Enlight illuminating Powder in “Attraction” Eyes: New Danessa Myricks Beauty “COLORFIX” Brown Smoked Eye - “Chosen” Cozzette Infinite Eyeshadows in Dignity and Herkimer Lashes: Elevation Lashes in Thrive 01 38 39