XIOX MAGAZINE Volume 1 Issue 6 - Page 2

EDITOR’S LETTER Hello XiOXers, we are so excited to bring you our Fall isuue can you believe its already been 1/2 year since our first launch! I want to thank you all for the love and support. I will continue to bring you XiOX every month. I super ecited about whats in this issue for you guys. We have Danessa Myricks interview and questions. we have amazing work by Danessa Myricks, Scott Barnes and Frank Galasso. Its always a blessing to have them in our pages & for you to enjoy their amazing talents. Please make sure to check out balancing for fall by Erika Lee there is so much information for skin care. We had a great response from here last beauty colum we had to ask for another one for the Fall season. Ive been working day and night to bring you this magazine I will continue on this path, Ive inspired many and that was the goal from the start. If i can reach one persone and inspire them to continue with the dream they have. I was once again put on the bench for a nasty photographer who felt, he had some power, due to his 45 years of experience and his degree in photography. To the point the point he felt the need to go on a chat room on a post that i had done, for networking reasons. He went as to research me and then felt he needed to be nasty. I know im not perfect I dont believe I know everything. What I do know is that no one has the power to make me feel less than a person. Im the only one with that power, I just feel that I like to post my experiences to inspire others, im not looking for synpathy im looking for a greater purpose in life. That is to help others, as no one helped me to chive what i have done in my life all my goals Ive achived I had to work very hard at them. Nothing came easy for me. Now Im on another goal and that is my magazine. Dont ever let someone put you down and dont ever feel you are not as good as someone else, just because they went to school or they have better equipment or finacial stubility. Find away to shine, it can be done you just have to believe you can do it. Never give up, the best part about it was that I posted my entire experience on my face book page, I got a big response by many artist saying that I have inpired them to continue on their journy. So thank you to that negative photographer, I turned your negativity into good. Visit my page for the entire story if you want to know all about it. sadly took the same amount of energy to say negativity, he could have used it to impower other fellow photographer with positivity. We are always looking for talented artists, if you are one of those artist please visit our website at www.xioxmagazine.com and submit you works of art, we would love to see it, and share it with the world. This issue is packed with todays hottest trends, must have beauty products. Product reviews from some of your favorite brands, you don’t want to miss this. Beauty editorials from some of the worlds top artist coming your way. So, without any further ado, its time to let the enchantment begin, once again are you ready to XiOX? Till next time, Love Always, Fidel Gonzalez XiOX Magazine, Inc. seeks to ensure that all the imformation published is accurate. However, XiOX Magazine, Inc accepts no responsibility or liability about the accuracy or suitability for any purpose of the imformation such as contents, materials, product information, and related graphic published. For Advertizing information, please contact us. xioxadvertise@yahoo.com Follow us on Instagram: @xioxmagazine Facebook page: xioxmagazine Website: www.xioxmagazine.com Tumblr: tumblr.com/xioxmagazine Email: xioxmagazine@yahoo.com 2 3