XIOX MAGAZINE volume 1 issue 2 Special Edition Cover - Page 8

Skincare Wakeup Call As a Makeup Artist and owner of Erika Lee Artistry, I feel that I have a responsibility to try new products and understand how they work, before they touch my client’s skin. This is a responsibility, which leaves me in a place of learning, researching, sometimes finding jewels and at other times, JUNK. I do not claim to know everything, but I do promise to share my lessons, for instance, when you’re feeling lazy late at night, don’t assume a face cream will be kind to your eyes. You may wake up looking like Margarito after a Manny Pacquiao fight. This is what I know, cosmetics and skincare is not a one size fits all business! What I may love, you may not, because skin is an ever-changing organ. I refer to makeup artistry and skincare as artistry on a living canvas. I take my responsibility seriously and I am still learning every day and what I learn, I will continue to share. When clients purchase new products they want to try it all on at once, like an outfit. You know what I am talking about! Hitting the mall and grabbing a new dress, shoes, jewelry and a handbag and voila’, you have a beautiful new outfit all at once! Instant gratification is the requirement of the Insta-age, which we are living in, but when it comes new skin products, patience is required. Slow down and try one new product at a time and allow your body to react. If you purchase a new cleanser, toner, serum and cream and during your excitement you decide to try them all at once, you have created a bit of a messy situation. Maybe you have a reaction to the product(s), and now you don’t know which product was the culpr it and you run to the mall to return. Sometimes we have a product that we definitely see positive or negative changes, but because we used everything at once, we’re left in with a conundrum. Miracle or mischief-maker? I always recommend adding one new product at a time to your beauty regimen and then use if for seven days. This allows for you to see if you have a reaction, but remember that if you want to see the perks of a product, you really need to give it time. That wrinkle didn’t appear overnight and it’s not going to improve at the snap of your fingers. Lets talk about expectations, because often expectations are a big part of the problem. I can’t begin to tell you how many women come to me in frustration of how a product had rave reviews, but didn’t do anything for them. This is especially true with regards to skincare products. Sometimes, the product isn’t doing anything for the client because they purchased something that isn’t right for their skin type. Take the time to understand your skin and it will benefit you! (Take a look and learn more - http://www. wikihow.com/Determine-Your-Skin-Type) More often, the problem is the client has unrealistic wishes! I often have a client who is mid 40s or beyond. With that, they have decades of sun damage, dietary issues, lack of water and lack of exercise, yet they want a cream or serum to fix everything, immediately! The client is looking for one product that will fix the world overnight and guess what, that’s insanity! Ladies and gentlemen, creams and serums do not replace fillers, injectables and surgery. They also need to be combined with wisdom of having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water; along with plenty of patience and the understanding that health is the truest foundation of youth. By: Erika Lee Photography Fidel Gonzalez / Makeup & Hair Fidel Gonzalez using MAC Cosmetics / Nails Fidel Gonzalez / Retouching Fidel Gonzalez / model Linda Taylor