XIOX MAGAZINE volume 1 issue 2 Special Edition Cover - Page 202

www.royalbrush.com CEO FIDEL GONZALEZ JOSHUA L MCINTYRE Bright colored aluminum ferrules offer maximum durability Fully synthetic filaments feature color coordinated tips for a modern, bold look Silk-Touch™, water resistant barrel provides comfort and ensures optimal accuracy Senior photographer Fidel Gonzalez Senior beauty editor Fidel Gonzalez Beauty editor Erika Lee Contributing beauty editor Ryan Roberts Contributing beauty editor Michelle Almanza Contributing hair editor Robert Rea Contributing fashion editor Tyler McDaniel ©Copyright 2016 XiOX Magazine. All rights reserved. Production in whole or in part of any text, photography or illustration only with written permission of the publisher. XiOX Magazine, its officers, staff members or writers do not warrant the accuracy of or assume responsibility for any of the material contained herein. Freelance photographers are responsible for their copyrights. Editorials or editorial submissions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisherr and/or magazine leadership. All letters, text and photographic material received become property of XiOX Magazine. www.xioxmagazine.com please visit our website for further information. Thank you for your support in XiOx Magazine MODA™ Individuals MODA™ EzGlam MODA™ Flip Kits 24 color coded brushes in beautifully bold plum, fuchsia, teal, and coral for all makeup application needs including: · Powder (plum) · Concealing (fuchsia) · Eyes (teal) · Lips (coral) Paired, travel size brushes and tutorials to perfect the most popular makeup looks. · Beautiful Brow · Smoky Eye · Cat Eye · Complexion Perfection · Flawless Face · Luscious Lips Travel size MŌDA brushes available in six different colors with a convertible case to keep brushes organized for home or travel use. · Beautiful Eyes · Total Face · Complexion Perfection · Perfect Mineral 193 194