XIOX MAGAZINE volume 1 issue 2 Special Edition Cover - Page 144

A Day as Frida Interview & Article by Erika Lee Interviewee Isabella Derrick / Model What impact has Frida Kahlo had on the art world? - She has taught women to stand up for what they believe in and embrace their imperfections. Do you know anything about her that surprised you when you discovered her story? - I was surprised to discover she was in a nearly fatal bus crash at a very young age, in which she was severely injured and continued to suffer from until her death. More importantly that the pain she endured during this time was the inspiration for a lot of her paintings. What was it like modeling as Frida? - It was very interesting because I didn’t realize how similar we look until hair and makeup was complete. I also tried to incorporate some of her emotions in my expressions during the shoot so the photos actually portray her story. Did you research her before the shoot? - I did not research her before the shoot, but I knew a little bit about her through school and this old deck of cards that my stepmom gave me about 100 important women in history. How has Frida impacted your life? - She has taught me that there is always a way to turn something negative into something positive. She had such a huge impact on so many people by doing something she was passionate about through learning to turn the bad things she experienced into something notably inspiring. What did you learn about her private life that was surprising? - I didn’t know about all of the pain and distress Frida was in, so it was definitely surprising to learn about her early life. Do you feel that you have any similar characteristics with Frida? - I definitely share a passion for art and women empowerment with Frida. What was her most important contribution to the arts? - All of her paintings had a story and a great deal of emotion behind the brush. I think that is extremely important in the art world. What was her most important contribution as a woman? - As a woman, she taught that women should not shy away or be ashamed of the things that make them unique, and to always stand up for your rights. Have you taken anything you learned about Frida and applied it to your life? - Yes, I have learn to accept the things I cannot change, and to remember that there is always something good that can come out of a hardship. 135 top / hessi necklace / house of oddities flower ring / house of oddities flower earrings / house of addities beatle heart cross necklace / house of oddities copper bracelete / house of oddities skin prep / embryolisse lait- créme concentré circle block in light / duwop cosmetics eye brow wax pencil / sigma dual end brow pencil / sigma big mamma mascara / hot makeup contour pallete series / aesthetica cosmetics celebré pro hd foundation / mehron setting powder / hotmakeup chubby eye pencil / frappé / crown hd effect primer / crown eye primer / my addiction / hotmakeup eye liner pencil / pale yellow/ mac powder blush / format / mac skin / luminous hair & body oil / oribe makeup brusches used / cozzette / sigma / artis / moda scott barnes / makeup glass fix + / mac lip creme / casino night / hotmakeup blush / cor-de-rosa aura powder / sigma blush sm36 state of grace / hotmakeup 136