XIOX MAGAZINE Kaila Methven Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 42

K aila is small in stature but a force of a woman and arriving on her own accord in the fashion indus- try. While others muddle through their day, she is quietly taking the fashion world by storm, and collecting the re- wards of studying her craft day by day! Kaila was rebirthed in the “City of Lights,” at the age of 16, where she worked hard as an intern, and even harder as a student. She was focused at a young age and trained in the art of design from the historical fashion institute Esmod, with a Masters from the International Fashion Academy Paris and extended training from Polymodo in Florence. The success of Madame Methven has given Kaila a strong name and has se- cured her a place in high fashion. Her creativity, focus, and drive have allowed her brand to arrive on the covers of Elements Magazine, Maxim South Africa, LA Fashion Magazine and she has been featured in Marie Claire, Business Insider, LA Travel and Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. After Kaila spent time being a studying fashion in Paris, she moved back to Los Angeles and built her empire, Ma- dame Methven. Her designs are the epitome of a luxurious lingerie line, which holds the intention to strengthen an already powerful woman. Pushing the limits of lingerie, Kaila uses her creativity and passion to help promote wom- en’s confidence, proving that every woman is “sexy” and beautiful. With an elite clientele, Madame Methven is now being sought after by women of all demographics. Offering both ready to wear fashion designs and haute couture looks, longevity isn’t of concern for Methven. Her designs range from the most luxurious and elegant lingerie to sim- pler yet sexy pieces, reaching all women and all price points. Most importantly, she has always kept the essence of her designs true to her vision. Dress- Patty Ang @atelierpattyang