XIOX MAGAZINE Kaila Methven Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 2

EDITOR’S LETTER Hello Fellow XiOXers, Hi XiOXers, Wow guys summer is over I cant believe how fast its gone. I love fall its my favorite season as you guys know I love Halloween!! October will be full of surprises that I cant wait for you guys to see, we have some amazing projects coming your way. I also have my workshops coming as well with some amazing sponsors that I cant wait for you guys to see. The Make- up show is coming to Los Angeles and I will be having a class so be sure to check it out guys. How about this months cover winner such a strong cover for XiOX magazine. I hope you guys enjoy all the hard work we been doing to bring you guys XiOX magazine. This magazine is about diversity and also versitility. no age limit here guys so send me editorials! How about our winner for this issues cover its such an amazing editorial I hope you guys like it!! We loved it here at house of XiOX. We have a huge project coming your way soon with a bunch of models!! I hope you guys are enjoyed your summer! I cant wait to share what more this year has to offer. So, without any further ado, its time to let the enchantment begin, are you ready to XiOX? All The Best, xxFIDELxx XiOX Magazine, Inc. seeks to ensure that all the imformation published is accurate. However, XiOX Magazine, Inc ac- cepts no responsibility or liability about the accuracy or suitability for any purpose of the imformation such as con- tents, materials, product information, and related graphic published. For Advertizing information, please contact us. xioxadvertise@yahoo.com F ollow us on I nstagram : @ xioxmagazine F acebook page : xioxmagazine W ebsite : www . xioxmagazine . com T umblr : tumblr . com / xioxmagazine E mail : xioxmagazine @ yahoo . com # xioxmagazine