XIOX MAGAZINE Kaila Methven Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 128

SUBMISSION Guidlines Xiox Magazine is a multimedia resource dedicated to promoting creative artists and their work worldwide. We accept submissions from emerging* photographers Writers: and their creative teams**, artists, musicians/bands, bloggers, creative writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers/brands. If accepted, your work may be featured Please send any articles directly to us or alternately send your ideas and examples on our website, in our magazine, or found on any of our social media accounts. All content submitted must be exclusive, unpublished, and accompanied by model of previous work. Our management team will be in contact if your work or ideas release forms from the photographer for all models involved. NO EXCEPTIONS. For complete submission guidelines go to our website at www.xioxmagazine.com seem to be a good fit for a particular issue. *Emerging artists are defined as individuals who are wholly committed to their crafts through never ending experimentation/learning and whom have developed a unique style or voice through the creation of numerous works which have been or will be published for the global creative arts community to consume. *Please send all submissions to xioxsubmissions@yahoo.com for consideration.* **Xiox Magazine can only accept submissions from the photographer unless you have a letter from the photographer granting permission of image use or you SUBMISSION DEADLINES have proof that you own the copyright to the images. Xiox Magazine issues are not themed. However we do ask that the content you submit be appropriate for the season you are submitting for, unless otherwise TYPES OF SUBMISSIONS WE ACCEPT: requested. EDITORIAL: If a deadline is listed, please stick to that deadline for main issue submission and have model release forms where appropriate. If selected for publication you will Editorial submissions, whether fashion or beauty, must have a minimum of 6 different looks with appropriate crediting of products, designers, and brands. We do be contacted regarding final edits and final submission details. not accept “stylist’s own” as a credit, so be sure to submit the label or brand regardless if it belongs to the stylist or is a vintage piece. DEADLINES: You can visit our mood boards available on our Pinterest account (@xioxmagazine) to see rough guidelines of the content we like should you need a little inspira- Visit www.xioxmagazine for dead lines and mood boards tion. We do ask that all of our submissions refrain from posting any and all approved images or stories online prior to the launch of the issue. We reserve the right to pull WEBITORIAL: the story from the selected issue should you choose to release content early & will be put on our blacklist and no future editorials from you will be accepted for any Webitorials are open to the current season in the USA only at this time. We accept submissions throughout the season between main issues and may be sub- future publication. mitted for our online or social media content. All online based content submissions must meet the correct criteria and meet the same standards of quality that our Commission letters (or pull letters) do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. All content is subject to the editor’s decision and subject to change should the main magazine issues are required to have. As long as they meet these guidelines, you may submit as many editorials as you would like. This does not, however, need occur. Decisions are based solely on the quality of the submissions and space available in the magazine. Any editorial chosen to be featured in the magazine guarantee they will all be accepted and published. is not guaranteed a specific issue either as this may be subject to change at the discretion of the editor. PRODUCT REVIEWS: If you are an agent and would like one of your talents featured, please simply provide us with their latest profile/resume or press release. If you are a cosmetic or hair company and would like to have your product featured in our showcase section, email information regarding the product and brand to ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: us at xioxproductreview@yahoo.com. Once an image is accepted to be published, it grants us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertise- SUBMISSION FORMAT ments,  and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of XiOX Magazine. When submitting final work we require that you follow the following format as well as provide We here at Xiox are excited to see and feature the work of fellow artists who are making an impact on the industry. However, we are not liable for costs, if any, that the required information listed below: you may occur at your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to and have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen damages Photographers: that may occur. Image Requirements: We also do not supply or provide free copies of the magazine due to printing cost. However, we will happily provide you with any links to the PDF format of the All images submitted must be submitted in a High Resolution format of 12x18 inches 300 DPI magazine or any information pertaining to where you may purchase the magazine should you choose to do so. minimum and using CMYK standard. Final files submitted for publication must please visit www.xioxmagazine.com for complete guidlines these may change at anytime be in TIFF file format. All credits need to be appropriately typed, formatted, and emailed in a PDF document. Please include the images that the credits go with somewhere on the page of the corresponding credits so as to insure proper placement within the magazine. Credits to provide include, but are not limited to, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, any and all assistants, retouchers, products, brands, models, and agencies involved with the project. If you have a TITLE for your editorial, please include that as well or you may request the magazine to name it for you per our discretion. In addition to all credits, please include a brief two sentence biography about yourself so we may feature you in our contributor’s page. Graphic Designers/Illustrators: Please either send us low resolution images or a link to your work for consideration. If you are chosen to be featured, you will be contacted for information regarding high resolution images. *Please send all submissions to xioxsubmissions@yahoo.com for consideration.