XIOX MAGAZINE July Issue 1 volume 2 2017 - Page 6

Heat Wave Summertime is full of sand, sun, fun and festivities. We find ourselves at summer fiestas with yummy food and festive cocktails. We soak ourselves in saltwater of the sea and drench our skin in golden rays. Summer love is what I say, and here are my picks for the perfect sum- mer products! Bathing Suit Slim Gianluca Mech Italiano Diet Do you have an appointment or an important event? Test Kit 3 Days for a quick get back in shape! In just 3 days you can perfectly wearing your favorite outfit. Want to try the diet without taking the longer programs? Summer Picks By Erika Lee Kisses of Color Sheer was never this sensational! This rich creamy sheer lipstick has gorgeous high shine, a lustrous finish and brilliant dimensional color to make lips look plump and full. Ultra-light texture sweeps on like a dream and leaves lips feeling buttery soft and super hydrated. Shea Butter, Jojoba, Avocado and Soybean oils saturate lips to seal in moisture, as anti- oxidant Vitamin E helps heal and prevent from dryness. Price $24.00 http://www.sennacosmetics.com/lips-lipluster-p-1470.html Choose Italiano Diet 3 Days Kit and start to loose weight with Italian taste of food! If you like it, you can try our Kit to loose weight! We know that the weekend leading to eat more and to make us feel heavy. Try now the Italiano Diet 3 Days Kit to get right back in shape! 3 DAYS KIT CONTAINS: o 1 STRACCIATELLA FLAVOURED DRINK o 1 DIURETIC TONIC DECOTTOPIA o 1 ENERGIZING TONIC DECOTTOPIA https://www.italianodiet.com/product-page/3-days-kit Price $69.00 Succulent Skin CRÈME MAINS KARITE’ SHEA BUTTER SOURCED FROM GHANA WITH CARE Karité’s dermatologist-created products feature natural ingredients such as high concentrations of raw, unre- fined shea butter and palm oil sourced directly from Ghana, as well as unrefined organic coconut oil. Using a unique technology to blend these ingredients, Karité is able to produce non-toxic products for maximum skin hydration and nourishment.  This one-of-a-kind combination of natural botanicals provides antioxi- dant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits that results in unparalled moisture that soothes and heals even the most sensitive skin.  Our team is led by a top-ranked dermatologist. Together, our vision is to bring the many benefits of shea butter to you. We look forward to hearing about your Karité experience! Testimonial - Karité is liquid gold! Actually it’s a thick, very moisturizing creme that isn’t too heavy or greasy. My skin feels soft and supple after using which is no small accomplishment considering how m )ѥ́$݅͠䁡́丁%Ёͼ́Ѽͽѡѡ镵э́䁡̸!ɕ( ɑ )Aɥظ)輽ܹ孅ɥєɽՍ̼)-ͅ1)1=I IIg =%0A=Q%=8)M I%AQ%=8)1=Aѥ́䁅مɕѵЁѡЁ́ѡѥ͕́ѥٕ́х)ѥٔɕ́ȁمɕѵЁ͔ɵձQѥ́ݕəհѥٕ)́Ʌ́ݽɬѼѥ̰ɕٔ幕́͡ɽѕ́)٥ɽх̻ )%ѥ1=@́ͭ͵ѡ́مѕ́ѡɅѕɔ͡ٽյ)Aɥ)輽ܹ兹ѡѥՔ1ɑ} }1}=}Aѥ}ѥѴ)ѕ)%յѥYLɅѥ)M I%AQ%=8)%յѥY1 )1յ͍Ё ɕ )%յѥÝɔձ ݕɥɕѕ́ѡЁɽՍյս́܁Ѽѡ)丁QݕȁՕѱͽȁəЁȁɥѠȁЁݑ́ȁᕐѿ ո)ѥ́ȁ͕ѥܸ)ȃq ɇt1аɅѥÍͥɔ)Aɥȸ)輽ܹͅɥ͉乍ɽՍнյѥٕ͕ɕ