XIOX MAGAZINE July Issue 1 volume 2 2017 - Page 4

Contributors on the cover model nicole castillo with nta models photography - fidel gonzalez makeup - danessa myricks hair artist - sonya kiani page 06 Heat Wave summer picks by ERIKA LEE page 10 summer time bloom by Keith Clouston page 20 beaute by Ivelisse Rosado page 32 schonheit by Fidel Gonzalez page 48 sweet adiction by THERESA HALL page 64 negative metal by Tanvi Vora page 76 flower power by Fidel Gonzalez page 90 bright idea by Alex Loucas page 98 line design by Kateryna Shevchenko page 110 bare minimum by Fidel Gonzalez page 132 social distortion by Fidel Gonzalez