XIOX MAGAZINE Issue 5 Volume 1 - Page 46

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT DIOR 2-IN-1 PROME & COLOR CORRECTORS FACE - EYES - LIPS $36.00 WWW.DIOR.COM CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES MULTI-EFFECT QUADRA EYESHADOW $61.00 WWW.CHANEL.COM Eyeshadow redefined. The new LES 4 OMBRES features a vibrant, pigment-rich formula in palettes inspired by threads of Chanel tweed. Each easyto-wear compact offers endless possibilities, with two medium tones to colour and contour, a deep shadow to intensify and a light shade to highlight. MAC TROLLS COLLECTION LIP GLASS GOOD LUCK TROLLS $16.00 WWW.MACCOSMETICS.COM Hair we go! The wildhaired dolls bring their rainbow tufts, bejewelled bellies and lucky charms to M·A·C Good Luck Trolls — a crazy-hued collection as silly as the creatures themselves. From Lipglass in Bubble Butt to Eye Shadow in Suns Out, Buns Out and Beauty Powder in Glow Rida…being a troll has never been so glamorous! Inspired by Backstage makeup techniques, Dior invents its first multipurpose colour concealer: 1 stick, 2 textures, 3 application areas, 4 expert shades to target and neutralize the colour imperfections of the complexion and around the eye and lip contours. SHADES 4 Expert Shades for a Targeted ][ۂ( L YN[KY[\X[ۂ\[XXYH][]Y[]ۙY[܈[[[Y˂XYۈHY X][\X\8$HܙZXY[H\وBYZ8$]]\[[[H\[\Y˂( \X\X܈Y\܈[Y]H\^[ۜ™\YۙYۙHۈ\\\YY[][ۈ[\\\˂( Y[ΈܜX\[[\Y^YH\\܈Y\[ۙ\[]][^\›\]]HHYHYK[[]HYH\و[\\X˂( ܙY[H[K\Y\[H]ۙ\ۈ\Y\X\وH\^[ۋTSӈTTPUHHTSQH L ˖TPUUUTːB]\Z[]\[X]]0H[X\˜H]\[Yܘ[K[\YH\\H]Hو[[HݙKY\Y\[X\[[YYX][H^YB[X[]H[[Z[[]KH^X]H]\H\H[وBYܘ[K[XY\\\H[YX\H[\ˈ[[K\[\[\[ܘ[[\[[YBܙX[^H]H]\[][KB\[ۘ]H[[ܙ]XH\[\^H\\˂T‚SSRSUԋSԑTH ˓TQUPːBSPSTBYKSX][][[ۈ ˑSPSTUTKBYKSX][][[ۈ[\\[X[[\\^[[Hۙ›\[X]YX ]Xܘ^\]HX[H[YX\[[\ˈ[\ۙY]\X[ YH[H][HX[ۈوY \YX[\]ZY]YHۈY\[[[HH\^[ۈ][[Y\[[[\[KX\][HY\XYYH[Z[\˂[H\YY[ݙ\HXH܂\Y\HYY\[Hܛ[\ݙ\܈Z^Y][][ۂ