XIOX MAGAZINE Issue 5 Volume 1 - Page 2

EDITOR’S LETTER Hello fellow artist, I can believe how fast time goes by, we are on our 5th issue of xiox! I want to take a moment for all the beautiful souls lost in the world from so many tragic events of this world. Life is short we do not know when our own time is comming, so I say we all must try to better our world it all starts with each and one of us. Do right, do kind, do love, respect one another, be a role model for the rest to see. #inhopeofabetterworld. My heart goes out to all the familly and loved ones. In this August issue is packed with some amazing beauty editorials inspired by summer. We have works by Danessa Myricks and Roque Cozzette amazing photographers and also makeup artists amongs many other talents, they both have amazing cosmetic lines and are a must in everyones kits! please check them out, you will be happy that you did. I cant wait to share all the new editorials coming soon, we have some amazing work from Scott Barnes and Frank Galasso. Also have an interview with fellow makeup artist you dont want to miss, im not going to say who, so please be sure to subscibe so you dont miss a single issue of xioxmagazine! August is always such a special month for me as my birthday comes on the 26TH and my husbunds is on the 30th, Disney here we come!! We hit the mountains,sea,desert,river, to bring you some fashion and beauty editorials for you guys to enjoy. We have been working very hard to bring you XiOX Magazine every month, its a non stop project for us, but so worth it. Summer heat is on us so please use suncreen when out doors keep you skin healthy, be sure to check out our Skin wake up call by Erika Lee its full of great tips on skin care. We are always looking for talented artists, if you are one of those artist please visit our website at www.xioxmagazine.com and submit you works of art, we would love to see it, and share it with the world. This issue is packed with todays hottest trends, must have beauty products. Product reviews from some of your favorite brands, you don’t want to miss this. Beauty editorials from some of the worlds top artist coming your way. So, without any further ado, its time to let the enchantment begin, are you ready to XiOX? I want to wish my husband Joshua McIntyre a early Happy Birthday!! He has been there with me from the start and has made all of this possible. I love You! Love Always, Fidel Gonzalez XiOX Magazine, Inc. seeks to ensure that all the imformation published is accurate. However, XiOX Magazine, Inc accepts no responsibility or liability about the accuracy or suitability for any purpose of the imformation such as contents, materials, product information, and related graphic published. For Advertizing information, please contact us. xioxadvertise@yahoo.com Follow us on Instagram: @xioxmagazine Facebook page: xioxmagazine Website: www.xioxmagazine.com Tumblr: tumblr.com/xioxmagazine Email: xioxmagazine@yahoo.com