XIOX MAGAZINE April Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 2

Spring is amoung us, beautiful colors awakening from a dorment state. We are inspired by elements and beauty around us. Mother nature has opened her wings, we are now starting to see flowers bloom, Butter flies around us, tress awakening from a long slumber, soon their branches will be filled with new leaves. Spring is one of my favorite seasons,love the beautiful colors of flowers, the new collections of makeup colors. This issue is packed with great fashion and beauty editorials, that will crave your appetite for Spring. Talents from around the world come together to bring us their artistic interpretation of Spring. After months of preping, we are finally ready to share XiOX Magazine with the world. We are a artist ran magazine, our goal is to unite all kinds of artists from around the world and share their art in our pages for all your viewing pleasures. MAY 1-2, 2016 We are always looking for talented artists, if you are one of those artist please visit our website at www.xioxmagazine.com and submit you works of art, we would love to see it, and share it with the world. This issue is packed with todays hottest trends, must have beauty products. Product reviews from some of your favorite brands, you don’t want to miss this. Beauty editorials from some of the worlds top artist coming your way. So, without any further ado, its time to let the enchantment begin, are you ready to XiOX? Disclaimer: XiOX Magazine, Inc. seeks to ensure that all the imformation published is accurate. However, XiOX Magazine, Inc accepts no responsibility or liability about the accuracy or suitability for any purpose of the imformation such as contents, materials, product information, and related graphic published. For Advertizing information, please contact us. xioxadvertise@yahoo.com Follow us on Instagram: @xioxmagazine Facebook page: xioxmagazine Website: www.xioxmagazine.com Tumblr: tumblr.com/xioxmagazine Email: xioxmagazine@yahoo.com 3