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GIGABYTE X299 Guide to Overclocking Skylake-X Chapter 1: Intro Single Threaded & Multi threaded performance Previous to Skylake-X users had to choose between single-threaded and multi-threaded performance. A choice between more cores and higher clocks. With this OC guide you will be able to push your Skylake-X to match performance in single-threaded applications and dominate in multi-threaded workloads. Beginner FAQ What is overclocking? Overclocking refers to pushing your computer components harder and faster than the manufacturer designed them to go. CPUs, video cards, and memory often have the capability to run faster than their rated speeds and overclocking takes advantage of that. Why overclock? Overclocking your CPU, VGA, and/or memory can result in higher frames per second in games, increase benchmark scores and provide better overall performance of your PC. I s my notebook processor comparable to my desktop processor? Desktops have much higher power requirements and better heat dissipation capabilities compared to notebooks. The same model processor in a desktop performs better than the mobile equivalent. What can I overclock? The most often overclocked components are the CPU, video card and memory. In this guide our focus is CPU overclocking. Disclaimer: Overclock at your own risk! Overclocking your CPU voids your warranty and it can also damage your CPU, especially if done incorrectly. 1