X299 OC Guide Kabylake Kabylake - Page 14

(Optional) Advanced Settings The following are settings you might sometimes need to change when OCing on air or water. There are additional voltages settings not covered here—they are used mostly when trying to hit overclocking records while using liquid nitrogen. CPU VCCIO and CPU System Agent Voltage: Both of these settings help when we overclock the DRAM frequency. Values up to 1.4-1.45V are high but they are ok if you are using air cooling. Since we used X.M.P. profiles for our memory these voltages will be automatically set. BCLK Adaptive Voltage: This setting helps when you raise the “CPU Base Clock” frequency. You should not need to adjust it because we left “CPU Base Clock” at the default value of 100. Step 8: Save Your Settings Before rushing off to test your new overclock we suggest saving your profile. You will find this option on the last page of the BIOS named “Save & Exit”. 13