Wyoming Weddings 2013 Boudoir E-Magazine - Page 3

welcome to our celebration of beauty. Yup, it’s racy. Scandalous? Maybe. And what exactly does a wedding company have to do with boudoir, you ask? everything. For those not familiar with this quickly growing genre of photography, boudoir is a gift of love. This is a gift for the new husband, the fiancé, the boyfriend...or, perhaps, for yourself. This is a gift to be shared and celebrated for the beautiful woman who has given her heart to this man. For years to come, this moment in time & love is frozen. On the next pages, explore Wyoming photographers’ takes on boudoir. Read Stephanie Osborne of Ardent Photography’s explanation on the art of boudoir. And join us in congratulating these women on being brave, on capturing their inner and outer beauty, and on loving their bodies just the way they are… welcome to our 2013 look at boudoir.