WV Farm Bureau Magazine August 2015 - Page 6

Motorcycle Safety: Your Official Road Trip Checklist Matt Nicol Sponsor Relations Account Executive Nationwide 614-359-7342 nicolm6@nationwide.com Preparing for a long-distance road trip takes careful planning: Deciding what to take, then strategically fitting it all into the trunk of your car. But what if your vehicle is a motorcycle? Without the luxury of space, packing what you need for a trip on your bike can be even more challenging. We compiled a list of essentials for a motorcycle road trip from experienced riders and the Harley Davidson website. So, before you head on down the highway, here are 21 things to remember: 1. First and foremost, make sure everything on your bike is in 100% working order. It’s wise to have it serviced before you leave – fluids changed, valves calibrated, fuel system cleaned, electrical system checked, bulbs chan