WV Farm Bureau Magazine August 2015 - Page 20

Stallman, continued Japan’s high tariffs have, for too long, limited American agricultural products like beef, pork, rice and dairy. Japan’s outrageous 770 percent tariff on rice has effectively shut out all competitors. Much closer to home, Canada’s high tariffs on poultry and dairy are keeping those markets closed. Canada’s 200 percent tariff on dairy is not in line with the goodwill and good trade relations we have long enjoyed with our close neighbors. It’s time to open up those markets and give farmers, ranchers and consumers flexibility in buying and selling quality, healthful food. Science-Based Rules U.S. agriculture is also ready for serious growth in markets on the other side of the Atlantic. For too long, the European Union has let politics rather than science set trade standards. U.S. farmers and ranchers grow safe, high-quality food. But the EU has decided it can reject our products—products that have already met both U.S. and World Trade Organization safety standards—based on the EU’s so-called “precautionary principle.” Any animal treated with antibiotics for its health or fed biotech grain cannot become part of a meal in Europe, despite the proven safety of those methods—and the complete lack of proof to the contrary. Europe’s habit of ignoring science needs to stop. Last year, U.S. farmers and ranchers exported $12.7 billion in products to the EU, while the EU exported $18.7 billion worth of agricultural products to the U.S. It’s time to even out that trade balance with scientific standards and fair labeling guidelines. America’s farmers and ranchers are ready to get to work in new markets across the globe. But Congress and the administration must continue to work together to complete agreements that will keep U.S. agriculture moving forward. The tools are in place, the roadmap is clear and it’s time to get the engine running. 20 West Virginia Farm Bureau News TRACTOR SPECIAL! TRACTORS 5 year Warranty Second to None! TRACTORS 5 year Warranty Second to None! 23 HP to 105 HP Up to 105 HP, cab, heat, air and loader for $58,000 Now is the time to have your tractors repaired during the off season! • Engines • Clutches • Transmissions MCCONNELLSBURG MOTOR & IMPLEMENT 875 Lincoln Way East • McConnellsburg, PA • (717) 485-3181 lylemm@earthlink.net • www.mcmoim.com