WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 9

Goals and Challenges: It became very clear to All American Fence that customers are more and more relying on the Internet to find contractors and not as much on the Yellow Pages. They began to realize they needed to focus more on the Internet for their marketing, so they decided to sign up for WSI’s digital marketing system. WSI’s objectives were to:  Increase the company’s web presence and generate leads  Start PPC to generate immediate leads  Start SEO for a long-term Internet presence and to be found on major search engines above their competition The Solution: WSI’s solution involved: website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). We replaced their old website with a new design and a new content management system (CMS). The website is now ranking at the top of Google’s page one listing for all of their originally targeted keywords. WSI plans to add additional keywords to expand geographic coverage.  Website traffic has more than doubled because of WSI’s Internet marketing  Monthly visitors have increased from 1,600 in Sept 2009 to 4,000 in Aug 2010  Almost all of the client’s targeted keywords are now ranking in the top 5 positions on Google, Yahoo! and Bing  Back in Sept 2009, most of the keywords were not even in the top 100 across all 3 search engines TESTIMONIAL “Through WSI’s customized SEO and PPC marketing system, we have been able to jump to the front page of major search engines. WSI has always been very knowledgeable, thorough, prompt and dependable. The WSI team is always accessible and able to answer any questions we may have right away. We would recommend WSI to any business that is looking to expand and develop their marketing online”. Kim Myers Owner All American Fence Corporation The Results: As a result of working with WSI, All American Fence Corp is now being found on the first page of the major search engines. Traffic to the site has increased significantly in the past 12 month. WSI measured the results using ranking reports, web analytics reports and pay-per-click reports. WSI Consultant: JASON YI California, USA Page 8 Copyright ©2011 by RAM