WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 67

Goals and Challenges: Several new flower shops had emerged and one in particular opened up in a big mall at a strategic location. Le Lys d’Or’s income figures were showing a 10 to 15% decrease over the last 12 months and the flower shop was bound to close down if nothing was done quickly. The Solution: Through a WSI Internet Business Analysis (IBA), we uncovered all aspects of the problem at hand. We then discussed in detail the target groups within which to implement a persuasion-driven solution. It was obvious for budget reasons that pay-per-click (PPC) could not to be proposed at this stage and we focused on search engine optimization (SEO):  Online: We worked on the title and description metatags, alt tags, H1 and content as well as designed a Google Maps page  Offline: We subscribed to Google Maps, worked on a strategy of carefully selected back links, always keeping in mind the importance of using key phrases in the anchor text  We also provided guidance on the newsletter and the news/promo feature in order to optimize the use of key phrases The Results: In less than 3 months, the same phrase would also feature the Le Lys d’Or website in first place on Google. Relevant keywords like “Conseil fleuriste”, “fleuriste creative”, Arrivages de fleurs” were all in first page rankings. Lys d’Or was in second place via affiliated page for marriage events. Lys d’Or was in first place on Google Belgium pages. The number of marriages and funerals they had to work on was up by 20%. The number of direct orders through the website was reaching +/- 5 per week although the order form was not on secured pages. The overall TO is probably going to reach a 20% increase for the fiscal year which, if the previous trend is taken into account, could be assumed to be about 30% higher than what would occurred without WSI’s efforts. WSI Consultant: DOMINIQUE DECOSTER Brabant Wallon, Belgium In a very short period of time after working with WSI, the flower shop could see listings for Lys d’Or in top positions on Google search for local phrases like “Fleuriste local areas”. Page 66 Copyright ©2011 by RAM