WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 63

Goals and Challenges: Prior to working with WSI, focusIT was struggling to generate leads. They were using an outside sales person who would contact mortgage companies and try to set up a demo. focusIT was missing valuable opportunities due to low exposure online. Also, their GoToMeeting demos would take about 2 hours – valuable time was lost because their sales person was wrongly targeting a client who was not a good fit for their product line. focusIT was missing opportunities and spending too much time chasing bad leads. The Solution: WSI started with a 20-keyword SEO package. We wrote and published quality content with a complete metatag revamp of the existing site. We also noticed the clickthrough rate on their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was below 1%. Their positioning was good, but their PPC cost was high and they weren’t generating quality leads. Therefore, we took over management of the PPC campaign. We started by removing their campaigns. We removed the low performing keywords and implemented a goal conversion metric to determine which keywords brought the best traffic. By eliminating the low performing keywords, we were able to increase the budget on the higher performing keywords. After optimizing the PPC campaign, we then built a landing page specifically for the PPC leads. The page was designed with conversion in mind. Lastly, we developed an entirely new website on the WSI eFusion platform. The website was much cleaner, easy-to-navigate and communicated much more information. We implemented a 301 redirect strategy and careful page naming in the migration. To date we have seen no drop off from prior rankings. The Results: From these efforts, focusIT gained a 100% increase in the amount of traffic generated from the website. In addition, they were receiving an average of 3.8 leads a week from the website, while prior to this they were generating about 2-3 per month through all their efforts. In fact, because of their exposure on the search engines for keywords related to Calyx Point, the Calyx Software Company decided to offer an exclusive agreement with focusIT for hosting of their Calyx Point Data Server, now called PointCentral. To measure the results, WSI used many metrics such as percentage of traffic from search, keyword popularity, clickthrough rate, and goal conversions. WSI Consultant: SCOTT ROBBINS Arizona, USA Page 62 Copyright ©2011 by RAM