WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 61

Goals and Challenges: The client tried running pay-per-click (PPC) programs on their own and with the help of other companies but never achieved a return on investment. They had virtually no traffic and no business from their website. The Solution: WSI developed a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that drove targeted traffic to We quickly found the highest performing keywords were actually a combination of a few generic “heavy hitters” that drew a lot of traffic, and a high volume of individual geo-targeted keywords that only drew one or two visitors each month. These two strategies were combined to produce as much qualified traffic as the client can handle. The Results: As a result of the campaign, the client increased their business so quickly they had to hire 2 additional people! WSI is delivering many leads at half the price they were paying when they did it themselves. The following statistics are purely a result of the campaigns WSI is running (does not include any incidental contact points). Between February 17, 2008 – January 10, 2011, we achieved the following:  Impressions: 1,065,147  Visits: 8,475  Phone calls (recorded): 1,923  Emails: 142  Web events: 5,176  Average visits per week: 61.1  Average spend per week: $190.03  Average cost per visit: $3.11 The vast majority of these contact points resulted in a sale. Since housekeeping is a recurring service, there is a lifetime value to most of these sales. TESTIMONIAL “I am so sorry we didn’t start working with WSI years ago. We can’t believe what a difference it made once WSI took over our website and search engine marketing. You have completely changed our business for the better. Our main house keeping campaign is really cleaning up (pardon the pun). Not only that, we are spending half what we used to spend! These numbers are staggering for us. I can’t express how much WSI helped my business". Deborah A. Kerr Maid in California WSI Consultant: CHUCK BANKOFF California, USA Page 60 Copyright ©2011 by RAM