WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 57

Goals and Challenges: Milton Keynes College is a well-known college within the UK providing school leavers with 317 part-time and full-time courses and diplomas. The marketing department is very experienced and the website receives over 25,000 visitors on average per month. However, they had only recently started experimenting with social media and were looking for a consultant to assist. WSI’s goal was to help the college raise brand awareness amongst 16-19 year olds within a 20-mile radius of the city of Milton Keynes. In addition, we wanted to generate increased course bookings through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, which was solely targeting competitor college search phrases. The Solution: WSI launched a social media brand awareness campaign, including a secondary pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. WSI was responsible for developing the project, creating the content, setting up the platforms and managing the daily updates. The project was set as a 3month brand awareness campaign using the following mediums:  PPC advertising and landing page design  Facebook advertising and landing page  Facebook Fan Page  WordPress blog  YouTube videos We created a landing page that would target users searching for competitor colleges and universities and drive the traffic to that landing page with a focus on signing up for courses with Milton Keynes College. We would also link them to the Facebook campaign. The Facebook campaign involved driving traffic to a Fan Page offering weekly contests and prizes while providing daily updates and interesting content. A WordPress blog was launched and used to feed interesting and relevant content to the Facebook page. In addition, YouTube videos featuring current students were fed into the Fan Page. The Results: Over 8 weeks of targeting a 20-mile radius around Milton Keynes:  500 fans joined the Fan Page  30 video views per day  4-8 interactions per post  464 Facebook page views per day  Competitor PPC campaign generates 3090 website visits  202 phone call enquiries and 21 booked courses to date WSI Consultant: BRIAN AND DALE HOLROYD Bedfordshire, UK WSI targeted competitor universities and colleges within a 20-mile radius of Milton Keynes College. Page 56 Copyright ©2011 by RAM