WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 55

Goals and Challenges: The Results: Streeter Marshall is an old established firm of solicitors and notaries with 3 offices in the South East of England. The old website was built by WSI back in 2005, but had become outdated and did not convey the modern image needed by this progressive firm. Web analytics show that the ongoing PPC campaign, which has continued at the same advertising spend level as previously, is now only accountable for 10% of the website traffic. Meanwhile, organic search is now sending around 70% of visitors each month (over 1,200 visitors each month). Whilst the old site had been successful in bringing new client business to Streeter Marshall, most Internet business came via the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that WSI conducted with very little business coming from organic search. The Solution: The initial site WSI created for them used dynamically generated URLs and the new site that WSI developed recently is far more search engine friendly. The website was created with each web page being optimized for one primary, and a couple of secondary keywords / key phrases. Also, the page URLs contained the primary keyword on each page. The new website also reflects their new corporate branding and whilst the client was keen in having a graphic intensive home page, we have managed to overcome the SEO issues caused by this with the creative use of javascript and ALT text for the service images. WSI will continue to work with the company to review its ongoing Internet marketing strategy and expect more of their marketing budget to move from traditional advertising to organic search / social media optimization. TESTIMONIAL “We are delighted particularly at the speed the website moves from screen to screen compared with the old site. In addition, the color and clarity is much better with a more modern image. Many thanks to WSI for all your help over a long period of time. We are pleased with the input that you have made into the development of the site, a much better product than what we had originally". David Moore Senior Partner Streeter Marshall WSI Cons ձх