WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 53

Goals and Challenges: Prior to WSI, Poirier & Associates had a website with no idea if they were getting any traffic. Even the odd time when a prospect called them from the site, they did not know how that person found the firm. The client’s website was not found on Google. WSI’s objectives were to help Poirier & Associates gain a strong web presence, generate a stream of leads online and see a return on their investment. The Solution: WSI implemented an online marketing strategy that included the following:  Started a PPC campaign to drive traffic to the original website (the original webmaster was managing)  Continued to provide analytics about the visits and their conversion rate  Suggested changes to the site that would help with the conversion rate (again, the original webmaster was managing this site)  Since conversion rates for the original website were still below average, WSI suggested a landing page with the focus on conversion by a phone call to the office or an email submission form  Continued with a PPC campaign to the new landing page that WSI designed The Results: As of July 2010, the firm has completed 5 deals as a result of the PPC campaign that WSI was conducting. The total income to the firm is in excess with $16,000. They also have 4 more prospects that could turn into deals very soon, and they continue to receive leads online every week. TESTIMONIAL “WSI started a PPC campaign with me to give my business a regular web presence. With their method of explaining the process in a language I could understand, I have learned the importance of having a website and landing page that actually encourages prospects to call or email me. Prior to engaging with WSI, I had a website up for years but did not get any business from it. I’m very satisfied with the consulting advice WSI has provided. I will continue to refer my business associates to them". Ron Poirier President Poirier & Associates WSI Consultant: DAVID MOTKOSKI Alberta, Canada WSI’s strategy has provided Piorier & Associates with a professional web presence, a stream of online leads and a great ROI in a very challenging and competitive vertical. Page 52 Copyright ©2011 by RAM