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Goals and Challenges: Stork’s Nest was advertising through traditional methods of Yellow Pages, radio and local newspaper ads. Their original website was 100% Flash and not recognized by the search engines. Due to the downturn in the market, enrollments were dipping. They needed a measurable way to attract new visitors to the school for enrollment. The Solution: WSI’s solution for The Stork’s Nest Child Academy was to build a new website using the WSI eFusion platform. WSI also optimized the website for local place search in the spring of 2009. Afterwards, WSI initiated a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign using the callto-action of “free initial registration worth $75”. For existing families, they were able to access easily downloadable calendars. The Results: WSI’s solution for Stork’s Nest provided the day care with a steady stream of leads coming from the website with workflows and requests for tours sent to specified locations. They immediately experienced a dramatic increase in leads and new enrollments to the school. WSI also used email marketing to follow up with prospective families that did not enroll but showed interest. This way, those leads were not forgotten but were nurtured for potential future enrollments. Rhode Island”, “Daycare East Greenwich, Daycare Warwick”, “Daycare Smithfield”. Since starting the project, there have been over 150 leads with approximately 50 new enrollments both full-time and part-time. TESTIMONIAL “In a tough economy, we were hesitant to take on another expense for advertising, but WSI helped us to see that website marketing was a necessity in today's market. They were right! Our business has really blossomed and it is through the referrals that came through our website! We are truly grateful to work with such talented people and a company as fantastic as WSI. The return on investment (ROI) was astounding to me and it is all through WSI's commitment to our site that this was possible!” Michele Stevenin Vice President The Stork’s Nest Child Academy WSI Consultant: SCOTT WASSERMAN Rhode Island, USA From a search engine perspective, the website ranked page one for the following keywords: “Daycare Rhode Island”, “Day Care Page 5 Copyright ©2011 by WSI