WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 45

Goals and Challenges: Before working with WSI, the non-profit organization, Mustard Seed Canada, had no Internet marketing strategy, was using a template website and was very concerned that their current donorbase was aging with no strategy to get new, younger donors. WSI’s objectives were to re-design the website, improve its visibility in the search engines for industry keywords, generate support online and create a social media strategy for them. The Solution: WSI re-designed the organization’s website using the WSI eFusion platform and set up a method for staff and volunteers to make changes to the website as necessary. In addition, we created a content marketing blueprint, conducted initial keyword research, completed a competitor report and began a monthly search engine optimization (SEO) campaign focused on article marketing and link building. We also ran a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for 3 months to generate immediate traffic to the website. We also created a custom Facebook page for them and did a 3month social media campaign to start generating interest. The Results: As a result of WSI’s services, Mustard Seed Canada began to appear on page 1 of Google for 4 of the 5 keywords we were targeting. Their fanbase on Facebook went from 0 to almost 800 people. In addition, they have received increased traffic to their new site. WSI has completed Phase 1 of the project, which is to increase brand awareness for the organization and start building relationships with a younger donorbase. Since then, they have received a few inquiries from other organizations that found them online and want to be involved in a project. TESTIMONIAL “We knew mass mailing was proving to be less and less rewarding. Now with WSI, we’re learning new ways to share how Mustard Seed is providing better opportunities for children in Southeast Asia. As we learn how to engage people online, we’re finding more people keeping in touch. And yes, we’ve found that there are young people out there who care enough to make a contribution”. Lucie Howell Administrator Mustard Seed Canada WSI Consultant: LIANA LING Ontario, Canada Page 44 Copyright ©2011 by RAM