WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 39

Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, Diablo Solar Services was not being found on the major search engines. In fact, when searched for their company name “Diablo Solar” on Google, another company would come up above them, which annoyed the owner great deal. As a result of WSI’s services, Diablo Solar is now being found on the first pages of all major search engines for their keywords. Traffic to the site has increased drastically. They have relied on traditional marketing methods and referrals for all of their business for over 25 years. They were very successful. But the owner was beginning to realize that he needs to have a better presence on the Internet. They have not done any Internet marketing prior to meeting with WSI. This company is serious about marketing as they allocated a significant amount of their budget for marketing every year, and they were ready to shift some of that money to the Internet. WSI’s objectives were to help the company be found organically for local searches for solarrelated keywords within their territory and to generate traffic to their website immediately. The Solution: WSI provided Diablo Solar search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), blog writing, content writing, email marketing and video optimization services. This is an ongoing campaign. They are ranking in the top 5 for all of their originally targeted keywords – top of the first page of Google. WSI has since added additional keywords to expand geographic coverage and ^H\