WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 31

Goals and Challenges: In a competitive marketplace where home buying was at a near standstill, Sage Realty needed to reach these Internet savvy home buyers. Additionally, they wanted to be sure to integrate their brand, marketing messages and search marketing efforts into a cohesive Internet marketing strategy. WSI’s objectives were to continue to move the website rankings up in the organic search listings as well as distribute marketing messages out on the Internet via digital marketing methods. The Solution: WSI trained Sage Realty personnel on how to set up and optimize their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog entries. From February 2010 to July 2010, Sage Realty began a submission program with WSI that included optimizing and distributing articles, press releases and videos to increase SEO exposure. WSI not only guided the company through these new technology frontiers, but also helped them grow their business especially in an industry where many businesses were closing their doors The Results: Sage had the following results for 2010 in the 2nd year of the new website:  5 potential home buyers found them searching online  3 signed up to buy and 2 bought in 2010  The rest are potential clients for 2011  Purchased homes had values totaling over $2,500,000  They expect the third client to buy in the next 2 months with an anticipated commission of roughly $11,000  Commissions on the clients who have bought are over $64,000 this year TESTIMONIAL “WSI’s services are a vital part of Sage’s overall marketing strategy, which includes a variety of strategies. The purpose is to integrate all as one ‘brand’, with Sage being seen as the expert or leader in that niche. WSI has encouraged us to move beyond a well-designed website with stateof-the-art home search features to submission of videos, whitepapers, press releases, social media postings and other peripheral strategies to boost our rankings". Linda Walters Owner and Exclusive Buyer Agent Sage Realty, LLC WSI Consultant: NANCY VINKLER Pennsylvania, USA Page 30 Copyright ©2011 by RAM