WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 29

Goals and Challenges: The company has a world-class reputation for manufacturing clock, bells and carillons for landmark buildings and churches throughout the world. Most of the company’s business was generated by repeat business from existing clients or word of mouth. Little to no business was being generated from the Internet. Whilst the company is proud of its long tradition, it was keen not to appear out-ofdate and out-of-touch with the modern world. Their old website looked old fashioned and did little for their public image. The Solution: WSI developed a search engine friendly website that conveys the image of a company proud of its history whilst appearing modern and progressive. All pages were optimized for one primary and a couple of secondary keywords / key phrases and each page has the primary keyword in the URL. Considerable business has been generated by the website and they are delighted with the results and even more delighted with the quality and quantity of business now being generated by their new website. TESTIMONIAL “Further to our telephone conversation last week, this is to confirm that we would be delighted for you to use our website for your [showcase]. I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted we were with the way you managed our project. You listened to our requirements and understood what we wanted to convey through our website. The follow-up service has been superb and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services". Jenny Coombes Director Gillett & Johnston (Croydon) Ltd The Results: The new website produces around 200 enquiries from all over the world each month. It is an excellent showcase of their work and achieves the company’s objectives of giving a modern fresh appearance to an old established business. Recent commissions gained via the website include new work from a variety of sources, including installations as far afield and varied as the Falkland Islands, Singa