WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 27

Goals and Challenges: A WSI Competitive Analysis revealed that The Fireplace Center’s online presence was not as strong as it could be in the following areas:  The look and feel of the website was not consistent with the offline advertising and branding of The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop and the sale of luxury items  Search engine optimization was strong, but only in the primary products and brand  Conversion Architecture was non-existent and analytics revealed that visitors had difficulty navigating the 500-page website  A customer retention strategy was yet to be established (no email database) The Solution: WSI’s digital marketing solution for The Fireplace Center included:  A detailed competitive, market and product analysis  Strong Conversion Architecture website consistent with the sale of luxury goods and offline advertising  100% content creation and creating a simplified product hierarchy  Implementation of an online catalogue  500-page site was condensed to 100 pages while at the same time increasing search engine presence and without diminishing the value visitors derive from the site  PPC campaign design and management  YouTube channel creation and embedding of videos (TV appearances and ads)  Monthly-specific sales promotions matched to offline marketing mix  Monthly presentation to the executive and sales team to ensure the online strategy is aligned to sales strategy  Developed a social media optimization (SMO) strategy consistent with a mature / conservative brand and created branded Facebook page and Facebook profile and trained staff on social media etiquette  Consulted on aspects of sales and marketing best practices The Results: As a result of WSI’s services, the company experienced the following:  14% increase in year-over-year sales  28% increase in year-over-year website visitors (10,500 more visitors)  188% increase in conversions compared to same period last year  More business in one day of the spring sale than achieved in a quiet month of prior year  Since launch to date, 76% of the website visitors are new to the website WSI Consultant: ROGER HARLEY Ontario, Canada Page 26 Copyright ©2011 by RAM