WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 25

Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, Cornerstone Montessori Prep School had no digital marketing strategy and was only seen online for keywords related to the company name. Their lead generation consisted of advertising in Yellow Pages, educational directories, educational magazines, referrals and the sign outside their school. They needed to increase enrollment to keep the school going. Particularly due to the changes Google has made to local search recently, the school is on page 1 of Google for terms related to “Toronto Montessori School”. When the new website went live and we started generating traffic from Google PPC ads and Facebook ads, they were receiving 3 calls a day as well as people dropping in to ask for a tour of the school and several online inquiries. The Solution: In addition, over the last year: Using the WSI eFusion platform, WSI redesigned the school’s website and conducted a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for 3 months to generate immediate traffic to the website. We also helped them streamline their processes by creating specific forms on the website for job employment inquiries, to book a tour of the school and a more detailed Admissions Application. The site is even used for parents to RSVP for special events and raise funds for special charitable projects. In addition to the above, WSI also created a content marketing blueprint, conducted keyword research, compiled a competitor report, optimized the website pages and began a monthly search engine optimization (SEO) campaign focused on article marketing and link building.  32 people signed up for their newsletter  27 people completed the Admissions Application Request  Almost 100 inquiries for more information came in via the contact form  Inquiries from other organizations interested in working with the school came through As a result of WSI’s outstanding results for the school, they did not renew advertising with Yellow Pages or any of the other subscription except for the one online directory that is sending them more traffic. WSI Consultant: LIANA LING Recently, WSI also created a custom Facebook page for the school and are in the works of designing a blog for the principal. Ontario, Canada Page 24 Copyright ©2011 by RAM