WSI Wisdom Book English Version - Page 15

Goals and Challenges:  Press releases were distributed online with links back to the website  The sales team was able to direct prospects to the product information on the website and they were able to send out electronic links to the brochure Mobile Mark wanted to generate interest among existing customers and prospects in their database for the SMW Series, a modular antenna design that allows 2, 3, or 4 different antennas to be combined in 1 antenna housing. They also wanted to generate entirely new leads. The Results: The Solution: The website was launched in May 2009 and below are some of the results achieved: A printed application brochure was developed to explain the features and benefits of the product, explain model numbers and the many combinations possible, and give application examples so that their customers can envision the antenna in their setting. It was the electronic use of the brochure in conjunction with other electronic material that helped Mobile Mark truly increase the number of people who became familiar with this product. Here are the details of the solution:  Product descriptions were added to the website as models were developed  An electronic version of the brochure was added to the tech library on the site  A link to the electronic version of the brochure was added on the front page  A Featured Products section was added to the Product Database section of the site  Links were added from the Featured Product section to the brochure and product listings  An electronic Mobile Mark e-newsletter was sent out with links to both the products and the brochure  SEO pages were developed to reinforce links to the Mobile Mark website  Total SMW & MGW units sold increased 64% year-over-year based on Jan-May sales  For just the SMW antennas, the units increased 74% in the same period  Using the combined SMW & MGW sales dollars for the Jan-May period, the sales dollars increased 62%, which is in line with the increase seen in the units  For only the SMW antennas, the sales dollars increased 73%  The number of distinct models sold increased 22% from 2009 to 2010  For the number of series (i.e. without considering the cable and connector combinations) the number of series increased 27% WSI Consultant: NANCY VINKLER Pennsylvania, USA Page 14 Copyright ©2011 by RAM