Writers Tricks of the Trade VOLUME 8, ISSUE 4 - Page 7

year but fortunately he has pet insurance. If you do not have insurance for your pet, you should look into it. The premiums may seem steep, but you never know what the future holds. His insurance co- vers 90% of approved charges, so my out- lay was a little over $650 because his bills exceeded his yearly limit of $5,000. On the writing front I am currently in different stages of development on four different books. Yep. I am a multi-tasker. Partially finished on a standalone mys- tery, a new book in the Silver Sisters Mys- teries series, a new book in the Revenge is Fun series and Dennis N. Griffin and I have begun a new memoir with Bella Ca- po of No More Crying Angels. Her life reads like fiction, but it is real and she is a warrior. The working title is Full Circle: My Journey to Hell and Back. 2019 will present many more con- tests, publication opportunities, confer- ences and workshops as you continue to build platforms and write books and short stories. We love to hear about suc- cesses and even backfires. You know the saying: “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” John Powell By sharing things that did not work for you, it is a help to fellow writers. Noth- ing is perfect. Never be ashamed about goofing or misinterpreting an opportunity or challenge. My book, Writers Tricks of the Trade, does not hesitate to point out various backfires I have experienced dur- ing the many years I have been writing. W INTER 2019 Please share this magazine with your writer friends and if you haven’t signed up for a subscription, it is easy and free. Just look for the subscribe button on Joomag where you can also download past issues. Don’t miss reading the Spotlight In- terview with Mike Dennis in this issue, Keith Bettinger’s feature story in Life Sto- ries, tips from Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Fred Rayworth’s regular column and the inspiring article by Erika Abbot, “My Life as a Disabled Writer.” Keep writing! Morgan Editor and Dylan the Dog A SSOCIATE E DITOR P AGE 2 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE