Writers Tricks of the Trade VOLUME 8, ISSUE 4 - Page 6

M ORGAN ’ S C ORNER M ORGAN S T . J AMES , E DITOR This is the page where I always comment on any new features and articles that are par- ticularly timely or informative. I also use the space to update readers on what might be going on in my professional or personal life. C an you believe that it is 2019 al- ready? In some ways, it feels like the Winter 2018 edition was just published. But, in other ways it has been quite an eventful year. We have added more regular fea- tures and contributors and as always our readership continues to grow. So much credit goes to those who always share the link so that more and more readers are aware of Writers Tricks of the Trade and to our wonderful contributors. Poor little Dylan the Dog, our As- sociate Editor, really had his challenges this past year. Two surgeries on his right back leg—one to repair a torn ACL ligament and one to remove the implant because it developed bacteria. It didn’t end there. Even after the second surgery the infec- tion came back more than once. Finally it was discovered that he had a staph infec- W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE tion, so I had to don the white nurse’s hat and give him very strong antibiotics three times a day for three weeks. So strong, that I had to wear gloves and a mask to handle the pills. But—hooray—it worked. He wore two different kinds of PJs so he didn’t have to wear the cone of shame while he was healing. Jail- bird PJs that say Canine County Jail, Bone Thief, and holiday PJs that say Ho, Ho, Ho. Besides that, it was discovered that he has diabetes and now has insulin injections twice a day. Good patient that he is, I’m happy to say Dylan the Dog is back at work as the Associate Editor, maintaining his position under my desk. So many people liked the Facebook posts about him in a dog’s voice, that Dyl- an now has his own Facebook page. You can follow him at @DoggieDylan. This is a personal word of advice to anyone who has a pet. Vet bills are very expensive. Dylan’s topped $5,000 this P AGE 1 W INTER 2019