Writers Tricks of the Trade VOLUME 8, ISSUE 4 - Page 29

REVIEWS BY MARTHA - M ARTHA C HEVES R ESIDENT R EVIEWER T HE M YSTERY OF THE L OST A VENGER Author: Linda Maria Frank Pages: 194 pages Publication Date: June 15, 2016 Publisher: Archway Publishing Language: English ASIN: B0794TWW5Y, ISBN: 978-1480831698 Martha Cheves always manages to find books that may have been out for a while, some by self-published authors, but always an honest re- view. Perhaps you will find a gem you wouldn’t have found without Martha. She says this book is more of a YA book, but still enjoyable. A good book is a good book and the fact that time passed does not af- fect its appeal Charlotte Wheeler suspected that sab- otage was happening at the Grumman plant. She was able to figure out the faulty hinges for the Avenger's bomb bay doors were being randomly replaced for the good hinges, by someone who had ac- cess to the plant. Charlotte and her bud- dies checked all the planes and prevented the faulty parts from being switched. They did their best to stop the saboteur, things got rough and Charlotte was at- tacked one night while she was waiting to catch him in the act. was given to another WASP to deliver. Her name was Brenda McPhee and she never made it to her destination. Her plane disappeared. Charlotte Wheeler was a WASP during WWII. She not only helped build the planes, she also flew them to their desti- nation where they were turned over to the fighting pilots. She was scheduled to fly one of the bombers out but noticed a problem with the bomb bay doors. While she went to check on something the plane As with all of the Annie Tillery Myster- ies, this one kept my interest. It not only had some history, it also had a great mys- tery and of course a ghost. Looking for- ward to reading the next in this series. W INTER 2019 Many years later Annie, who is Char- lotte's great grand-daughter, finds out that the plane has been found and there was a letter inside that was written by Charlotte. Through further research and the help of her boyfriend Ty, Annie de- cides to solve the mystery of the downed plane and who the saboteur was. P AGE 24 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE