Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 3, VOLUME 7 - Page 9

Morgan’s Corner Morgan’s Corner #VegasStrong M ORGAN S T . J AMES , E DITOR A WORLD CHANGED Morgan St. James, Editor Editor Silver Sisters Mysteries F IRST B OOK IN THE S ERIES FREE F OR A L IMITED T IME - K INDLE A ND E PUB E DITION A MAZON , B&N, A PPLE , S CRIBD , K OBO , P AGE F OUNDRY , 24 S YMBOLS ***** Normally I begin this page with good or inspirational news. This time I can’t do that. The horrendous event on October 1 in my hometown of Las Vegas resulted in the deaths, injuries and trauma of over 500 people in just a few minutes—all by the hand of one crazed Cont’d next page… human being. A man who carefully planned the mass assassination of innocent people like one planning a military assault. This wasn’t an act of impulse. He scouted music festivals in other cities before choosing Las Vegas. The question on everyone’s mind is “WHY? WHY THIS SENSELESS CARNAGE?” We don’t have answers about motivation at this point, but Las Vegas Metro, our Fire Department and the FBI are conducting extensive investigations. I am so proud of the way our citizens, businesses, casinos and organizations have come together to do anything and everything they can. Not just Las Vegans, which has been absolutely amazing, but people worldwide. And the GoFundMe account has raised millions to help victims and survivors and their families. If only we could turn back the clock to September 30. If only there had been some indication of what this madman would do the following day. But, nothing aroused suspicion. People I know lost loved ones or their family or friends were injured. This is close to home. This is not something in a book, on TV or the big screen for our entertainment. This is the real world, Baby. These were people like you and me. For those who survived, those who watched this horrendous carnage on TV, lives will never be the same. I had PTSD 30 years ago from a life-threatening auto accident. I have worked with people who have far worse PTSD than I had to help them write their books (Incest, Murder and a Miracle and No More Crying Angels.) You have no control when you begin to cry, which is only one of the symptoms. So many will walk in these shoes now and need to seek counseling. It is hard for me to write this because I have to hold back the tears. Not the tears someone who has never had PTSD sheds, but the uncontrollable tears that cascade at the mention of a word or any number of images. I got past it years ago, so at this point I had to wonder if some level of PTSD had been triggered. I reached out to my W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE P AGE 1 F ALL 2017 J UST R ELEASED J UST R ELEASED Audio Sample