Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 3, VOLUME 7 - Page 36

The writer’s handbook that is like the appetizer table at a buffet. Filled with tips, techniques, personal stories of what worked and what didn’t and some cool exercises. Keep it handy for guidance and inspiration PAPERBACK, KINDLE, eBOOK Available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and most Online Booksellers OR from Marina Publishing Group at www.marinapublishinggroup.com WHAT READERS HAVE TO SAY: Prior to finding Ms. St. James' book, I used a variety of other writing sources to start my sessions but most were so dry that they didn't spark much creativity. With this book, I find the style of writing so folksy, that X[Hو[HY[][H]^HZX\[[H]]H\X[ۋ\\YX\[HH\\ۘ[^\Y[\[H\[و[H[YH]^KY[K[Hܚ]\HXۙY][ۋIY[[ܙHو\ۈ^\Y[\۝[YH܈HK܈^[\K[H\܈Z\Z\ȋIZHšۛ]Z\Z\HXYH[H\YܚܜX[K [ۋXܙ[^\\[\\[X[ۈܚ]\H[\Y]H[HXYH]Y]HوHۈܚ][ˈY\XZ][HPY][ۈوHHH]]܋[ܙ[ [Y\HݙH[]XY\K[›X\]HYۛX]ܚ][[X\[X[ۋܚ]\XوHYN H[[HYYۛX]HPوܚ][X[ۈY\\[ [ܙ[ [Y\ٙ\HXY\HYK]\Y]HوYXHY\[H\[\\ Y[\X][ۋ]ˊH[HXX[ܚ][\وX[ۈܚ][ˈHX\YX]]\[\Y\HY][\HYX] \X[\H[H\[\[وX[ۈܚ][ˈ]HXH[XYHۙ]œY][X] ܚ]\X\YYY[ ܈^[Y^H[\[[˂[XX\\H]]܈\ܚX\H[X[][܈[[HHܚ]\ZYXH[\[BXY\]YHX\]Y\܈ݙ\Z[HYX[Y\ˈHX\H[[\[Z\][ۜ][X\و\\ۘ[^\Y[\ H\ܚ][[H\X[[\ۘ[[HXXZ\܈H\HX\XH[X\[HXY H^[][ۈوH\Y\[Z\ܜ\ۙ[[X\\HX\[[\[XKKK]\\\[X[ۈܚ]\S M”QH UT8&HPшHQH