Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 3, VOLUME 7 - Page 26

A NATOMY O F A B OOK T RAILER (C ONT ’ D ) MAKING THE BOOK non-fiction,. F ALL 2017 Now, at this time, we were in a waiting pattern for the publisher to come up with a cover design. I wanted to see what the figure on the cover would look like (it’s never quite what the author has in mind, especially when they are using stock photography), as well as the look of the title on the cover, two things we needed for the video. My actress has short colorful hair, so I knew we had to buy a wig for her so she could look more like my character, Kylie Strange. Off we went to the fashion district in LA, and we found her a good wig. I went online and got her a lightweight hoodie, and we finished up the costume at Target for a shirt and skinny jeans. For my son Graham as the demon Erasmus Dark, he was going to be in silhouette so all we needed was the duster jacket, which we already had. Months went by. Winter was turning to spring. Spring was turning to late spring, but then we finally had the cover and everyone could make it that one weekend of shooting. We were on our way. Unfortunately, it was hotter than blazes. We were going to have to shoot day for night, because there was no way we could shoot at night without a lot of lighting. As it was, I bought a smoke machine and we rented a generator for the one light we brought. Poor Kylie had to run and run in that heat, zipped up into a hoodie. But she was a good sport about it. We started around 5 pm and were done with our location around 8. We shot some additional interiors at home, and more interior shots earlier in the day at the studio, where she also recorded the voice over. It was a very long day. Then it was up to Chris to edit it all together with some stock music of his choosing. I only saw snippets of the footage as we shot it, but he pretty much had carte blanche to cut it as he saw fit. I believe in letting professionals do their job. That’s why you hire them, after all. I saw the rough and really, it was pretty perfect. And one other thing to consider. If you make it the series book trailer, then you don’t have to make new ones for each book. It’s just handy that my series is W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE TRADE the same name as the first book in the series. P AGE 18